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Dell Boomi Integration: User Guide

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What is Dell Boomi?

The current business environment is run by digital technology and thus having good connectivity is vital to achieving success in any respective business. So to remain relevant in the industry with stiff competition, consider the use of Dell Boomi cloud application.

Dell Boomi is the first and leading integration cloud service that links several cloud-based combinations with on-premises apps with no requirement of software or other appliances. Various businesses and integrators have found it beneficial in getting connected with the largest application network using one self-service and seamless platform.

What’s more, Dell Boomi integration platform permits businesses of varied sizes and resources to sync their essential data between their critical application without acquiring and maintaining any software and thus result in a reduction in data errors and operational cost to half. Thus, a price-saving option presented to the hi-tech users to render traditional integration solutions obsolete!

In this user guide, we will gather and produce some important aspects of Dell Boomi implementation and will lay down various aspects that have made it immensely popular among the business-loving people worldwide. 

History of Dell Boomi

It was around 2000, a “configuration-based” integration platform called Boomi was born under the dream vision of Rich Nucci. Surprisingly, it was named after a Hindu goddess, Bhumi; which represents mother earth. Initially, it was modeled on improving on-premises middleware appliances for B2B logistics and electronic data interchange.

For Boomi, the watershed moment arrived when a novel technology called cloud showed its presence. It compelled the company to release a new cloud-based technology called AtomSphere; which was successful in meeting the needs of the corporate business.

Finally, in 2010, it was acquired by Dell’s family which has become a most successful acquisition for Dell and has allowed the company to answer the most daunting integration challenges genuinely.

Why Dell Boomi has become an Important Topic in Digitalized Business World?

If you go through the functioning of the IT environment of any organization, one thing is sure to come into your notice that most of them found it difficult to integrate their system with cloud-based services. Those who do it successfully have shown to have enough capability to remain competitive in the long-term.

Do you know how they can remove the integration deficit? The answer is Dell Boomi integration services. Yes, you have heard it true!

There is a growing realization among enterprises that to succeed in the digital world, they have to modernize their It field and opt for that system that rapidly supports changes and innovation in a constantly changing business environment. In such a scenario, the arrival of the Dell Boomi cloud system has proved to be a boon for them, and why not!

That’s why we are presenting some of the reasons why the utilization of Dell Boomi will make your path free of errors and become a part of the digital transformation journey in a most appropriate manner…

A.     Ability to Connect Everything & Run Anywhere

Dell Boomi is a unified integration platform which implies that it makes it easy for the users to connect everything without having concern whether they are in the cloud, on-premise, or combination of both. Furthermore, customers and partners are supported as they required.

B.      Offering New-Age Connectivity Solutions

Dell Boomi is known for offering solutions to solve connectivity challenges such as the utilization of robust API tools to offer a future-ready architecture that is adaptable to the business of any size. Thus, a win-win situation for a Dell Boomi developer and user alike!

C.      Improved Data Quality & Management

Dell Boomi comes with a highly scalable cloud to offer businesses a transparent view of the data flow and thus permit them to explore business applications and service areas appropriately and thus scale up operational efficiencies.

D.     Accelerate Speed of Business

Dell Boomi is an easy to use powerful platform which helps an IT team to compete for the integration projects with great speed and create an environment to enhance the operational efficiency of any given task.

E.      Easy Integration & Connectivity

Dell Boomi developers come with a huge list of connectors to integrate any application and ensure easy and free workflow. Furthermore, they facilitate the integration of the business system with various applications to suit the business needs successfully.

F.      Full Stack Security Solution

The Dell Boomi platform is known for offering a three-tier full-stack security framework for both cloud and on-premise services. In this way, the users can ensure full security to their personal data and can perform their operation with great efficacy.

G.     The endowment of Tailored API Strategy

With the presence of a strong API strategy, communication with a diverse enterprise system strongly and securely is possible now. Dell Boomi also offers advanced toolkits so to have communication with legacy applications seamlessly with no need of replacing them.

H.     Built from Beginning for the Cloud

Dell Boomi has a cloud-native infrastructure that automatically upgrades the facilities and negates the role of complicated installations and thus takes the burden off the IT. In this way, there is no issue and all the benefits of the cloud are included in it.

I.        Renowned for Honesty & Transparency

Dell Boomi is renowned all over the world for promoting ethical business practices as there are no hidden costs associated with it. Furthermore, it has a scalable pricing system which makes the users pay only for what and when they will require fulfilling their needs.

J.       Fast & Easy Low-Code Integration

Dell Boomi is known for offering the most extensive tools collection to speed up the integration aspects and streamline the working procedure in any given task. In many cases, they completely eliminate the need for coding which makes the procedure fast and easy.

Thus, from the above-given aspects, Dell-Boomi has become after-sought technology which cannot be ignored by most of the organizations. Now in the next section, there will be described reasons which have made organizations going made about the given cloud-based platform.

Organizations are Selecting Dell Boomi Integration Services: Why?

For any growing organization, automation of their onboarding process is beneficial as it helps their employees to get quick access to the applications which in turn, will help them to ramp up their productivity to a greater extent. For this to happen, they usually contact a leading Dell Boomi consultant as they will help in meeting the requirements of the organization and prepare them to enrich their efficiency manifold.

There are ample of reasons major industries are focusing their aspect to select Dell Boomi for effecting developing and managing all their integrations. The reasons are given below:

        I. Offers Industry with the Easiest to Use Development Platform

Dell Boomi comes with a drag-and-drop interface which makes the whole procedure more streamline which reduces the dependence on codes and makes it more user-friendly in nature, just to the delight of the customers.

      II.  Made up of Diverse Partner Ecosystem

Boomi is well-known technology among regional and global integration partners and offers a variety of cater to any of their specialized project needs successfully.

    III. Comes with Unparalleled TCO

For any company, a technology giving ling-term value is a must and Dell Boomi is a frontrunner in offering it. It comes with scalable pricing models that drive towards greater productivity.

   IV.  Dell Boomi helps in Connecting with Emerging Technologies

Dell Boomi is the right choice for the company as it helps them to connect with the latest technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning and allows for easy communication with their clients.

     V.  Offers Smart Analytics for Data Management

Dell Boomi reduces the complexity associated with integration and offers effective monitoring of the data, integration, and analytics using a single platform using Platform as a Service (PAAS) medium.

   VI. High Rate of Customer Satisfaction

‘Customer obsession’ is a term that is highly revered by the management of the Dell Boomi and thus pledges to offer the best cloud services to their customers without any further delay.

Dell Boomi Integration Service

The Boomi integration services offer tools for accessing different phases of the integration lifecycle and thus forms a basis for the service’s navigation experience. To integrate with other services Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is utilized for combining well with on-premise and cloud applications with no need for software. 

Besides, the AtomSphere platform is cent percent native cloud and multi-tenant platform which offers wide support to application integration anywhere and includes: cloud to cloud, B2B integration, cloud to on-premise, and many more.

In the case of integrating Dell Boomi in the cloud or on-premise, deployment of integration processes is done using a dynamic runtime engine called an atom. It transforms a complex and costly approach into easy, fast, and distributed integration of cloud-based and on-premise applications.

On the other hand, event-based integration is used where there is a requirement of managing irregularly occurring external events which then triggers processing. It comes with notable features of service enablement, API management, and atom message queuing.

Key Points about Dell Boomi Integration Lifecycle

Dell Boomi integration platform consists of an AtomSphere which offers customers a cloud-based integration process to transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications with great efficacy. There are four key points one must know about Dell Boomi AtomSphere Platform:

a)  How to Access the Platform

It is a leading iPaaS which can be easily accessed with a system with good internet connectivity and does not require any software installation. 

b)  Build

It is the initial phase of the integration lifecycle of the Boomi platform where a Dell Boomi developer design and incorporate integration procedures between two or more on-premises and cloud applications.

c)  Deploy

In the given phase, deployment of your integration procedures is made with either cloud/PaaS applications or safety behind the firewall concerning on-premises applications. It comes with the following features: packaged components, deployments, and integration packs.

d)  Manage

It is the last phase of the integration life cycle of Dell Boomi and here the operation team monitor and maintains all the integration processes regardless of the location in a well-suited manner. It comes with atom and cloud status and previous execution results.

In the next section, there will be a discussion about various elements that are the part of Dell Boomi platform.

Elements of the Dell Boomi Integration Platform

With Dell Boomi at the helm, be ready to get a comprehensive solution to manage, move, and govern data across all applications in the most effective manner. Furthermore, it also integrates every part of your connected business most swiftly.

As Boomi is driven by the passion to deliver quality products for the connected business, connect with customers is done across multiple channels or platform so to remain to engage with them for longer duration via its notable elements such as:

a. Master Data Hub

A cloud-native solution is made available by Dell Boomi which represents trusted and synchronizes data consistently across your organizations. Its importance lies in the fact that: 

  • It focuses mostly on data enrichment
  • It enables data to steward easily into the respective model across all domains
  • It successfully addresses the components of a unified data management strategy

b. Workflow Automation & App Development

It is a low-code development platform offered by Boomi to automate simple and sophisticated workflows to drive the customer’s business to a great extent. What’s more, Boomi customers can extend their workflow-based business apps to online/offline mobile apps easily.

c.  Application & Data Integration

Boomi integration is a leading cloud-based service (iPaaS) provider that offers a highly productive and cost-effective solution by supporting all applications and data integration needs appropriately.

d.  B2B/EDI Management

Boomi B2B management helps in offering a scalable and secure cloud-native platform for both traditional EDI and newer web services to accelerate and streamline your business procedures by successfully speeding up the integration processes.

e.  API Design & Management

Boomi management helps in offering secure and well-designed APIs to connect well across the enterprise and also enrich API integration throughout their life cycle in a well-laid manner and thus offer world-class customer experiences. 

Things to Ponder

Thus, most of the enterprises across the world are using Boomi for integration projects and choosing to work with a Dell Boomi partner which can provide them with valuable service to work in rhythm with the given unified platform. They will exceptionally monitor the integration processes and also resolve issues well.