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Transform your institution with Salesforce Education Cloud. Elevate recruitment, student support, alumni relations, and leverage data-driven insights.

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  • Salesforce Education Cloud unifies student data, personalizes journeys for prospects and students, and empowers staff with a 360-degree view. All on a secure, familiar platform that empowers lifelong learning. 
  • Additionally, one report found that higher education institutions using Salesforce are driving 195% in ROI over three years, with a 7-month payback period. Also, 12% increased productivity between administrative and academic teams. 
  • Furthermore, Salesforce Education Cloud, the successor to the Higher Education Pack (HEDA), leverages the Education Data Architecture (EDA) to build custom applications that support the entire student journey, from admissions to alumni engagement.  Additionally, this, combined with the power of Salesforce Genie, unlocks a world of possibilities for personalized learning experiences. 

Salesforce Education Cloud empowers you with personalized learner relationships with AI and also, drives data-driven decisions for lifelong student success – the #1 trusted CRM built for education. 

Salesforce Education Cloud - Salesforce implementation Services - Salesforce Consulting Services

Let’s dive deep to unlock the capabilities of Salesforce CRM for educational institutions. 

What is Salesforce Education Cloud? 

Salesforce Education Cloud is a platform designed to streamline workflows and personalize the educational experience. Built on the Education Data Architecture (EDA), it offers a more comprehensive solution than the former Higher Education Pack (HEDA). 

Furthermore, it helps educational institutions manage student data, personalize communication, and support faculty and staff. Also, this fosters a more connected and efficient learning environment. 

As a matter of fact, this product is suitable for those who are looking for a secure, familiar platform to unify student data and personalize learning journeys. Additionally, who wants to improve communication across the entire educational ecosystem.

Salesforce Education Cloud

With Salesforce Education Cloud you can streamline tasks across departments on a single, secure platform. Moreover, It offers a suite of powerful tools including: 

  • Learner Portal: Personalized online experience for students (Experience Cloud) 
  • Departmental Consoles: Streamlined views for admissions, recruiting, and more 
  • Automated Workflows: Efficient processes and customized interfaces (OmniStudio) 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Customizable reports and dashboards (CRM Analytics) 

How Does Salesforce Education Cloud Work for Educational Institutions? 

Imagine having a single platform to streamline everything student-related! That’s what Salesforce Education Cloud brings to the table. Built on a foundation designed specifically for education (Education Data Architecture), it goes beyond just managing data. 

Here’s how it empowers your institution: 

  1. Break down information silos and in fact, connect your entire student experience – from attracting new prospects to keeping alumni engaged. 
  2. Also, consolidate student data from various systems into one secure platform. 
  3. Additionally, utilize AI-powered chatbots to answer student questions 24/7 and receive suggested actions to proactively help struggling students. 
  4. Furthermore, responds to student needs in real time with a community-driven architecture that allows for quick adaptation. 
  5. Consequently, extend the platform’s functionality with AppExchange marketplace and online learning platform, Trailhead

Salesforce for Education leverages the power of MuleSoft to seamlessly integrate your existing systems, and also Tableau for real-time insights into student data. It’s a one-stop shop for a successful educational experience – for both you and your students! 

Ready to transform your institution with a unified student experience? Connect with our Salesforce implementation consultant today! 

Features of Salesforce Education Cloud 

Salesforce Education Cloud offers a powerful suite of features, in fact, designed to empower your institution at every stage. Let’s delve deeper into some key areas:

Features of Salesforce Education Cloud

1. Recruitment and Admissions 

Imagine building trust with potential students from day one in fact, as you automate personalized outreach with email campaigns tailored to their interests. Further, leverage pre-built templates and workflows for tasks like application review and decision letters, freeing up valuable time for your admissions team. Additionally, with Education CRM, you can track the entire student journey from initial inquiry to enrolment. 

This data-driven approach has been shown to lead to a 5.5% increase in enrolment, a real game-changer for your institution. 

2. Student Success 

Don’t just manage students, empower them to thrive! Gain a complete picture of every student with a unified view of their academic progress, and also support interactions and engagement levels. Moreover, identify at-risk students early with real-time data and intervene proactively with personalized support plans. Also, offer modern appointment scheduling tools to streamline communication and ensure students get the help they need when they need it. 

By providing proactive support and a personalized learning experience, Salesforce Education CRM can help you achieve increased student retention, as a matter of fact, fostering a thriving academic community. 

3. Actionable Intelligence 

Ditch the data overload! Education Cloud empowers your teams with clear visualizations and actionable insights, also all readily available within the platform. Moreover, get real-time updates on key metrics like application volume, course enrolment, and student success rates. Moreover, use these insights to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your operations for maximum impact. 

4. Advancement and Alumni Relations 

Cultivate lifelong connections with a dedicated alumni portal. Firstly, this online space allows alumni to stay connected with their alma mater, network with each other, and even mentor current students. 

Secondly, create mentorship programs within the portal to foster knowledge exchange and build a strong support network. Also, gain data-driven insights into alumni demographics, giving history, and volunteer interests. Finally, use this information to personalize outreach efforts and optimize fundraising campaigns. 

By fostering meaningful connections and simplifying donation processes, Salesforce Education Cloud can help you see a rise in alumni donations, also providing valuable resources to fuel your institution’s growth. 

5. Marketing and Communications 

Cut through the noise and reach your audience with impactful messaging. Personalize every interaction across channels, whether it’s email, social media, or SMS. Furthermore, leverage Salesforce Education Cloud’s marketing automation tools to create targeted campaigns that resonate with specific student segments. 

Also, gain a 360-degree view of your students and supporters, allowing you to tailor your communications and build stronger relationships. 

6. Digital Campus 

Products like – Tableau, Slack, MuleSoft, and AppExchange, power the Digital Campus. Moreover, it helps you create a vibrant online hub for your institution! Also, offer on-demand learning opportunities through an online portal, accessible from anywhere. And then, facilitate collaboration between students, faculty, and staff with integrated communication tools. Next, foster a sense of community by providing online forums, discussion boards, and event calendars. 

Additionally, leverage the power of data to personalize the digital campus experience, ensuring students have the resources and support they need to succeed. 

7. Lifelong Learning 

Embrace the future of education with Salesforce Education Cloud’s lifelong learning features. Extend your reach beyond traditional programs and cater to a wider audience of learners. Also, deliver personalized marketing campaigns to attract prospective students interested in executive education, continuing education, or online courses. 

Create a user-friendly online storefront to showcase your course offerings and streamline the registration process. Additionally, manage corporate partnerships effectively – track all interactions with companies, from initial contact to alumni relations, within one centralized platform. Moreover, gain valuable insights with real-time data to measure program performance, identify trends, and continuously improve your lifelong learning offerings. 

By providing accessible, personalized learning opportunities, Salesforce CRM for higher education empowers you to expand its reach and have a lasting impact on learners throughout their lives.

Salesforce Education Cloud - Salesforce implementation Services - Salesforce Consulting Services

How Salesforce CRM Supports Entire Education Journey 

Salesforce Education CRM isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It caters to the specific needs of each education segment: 

  • K-12 Schools: Unify student and family data for a complete picture. In addition, personalize communication with parents and address student needs faster, leading to a 38% quicker response time.
  • Higher Education: Increase enrolment by 10% and work-based learning attendance by 30%! Salesforce Education Cloud empowers you to personalize every interaction for a successful student journey.
  • Community Colleges: Maximize your impact with integrated solutions! In fact, this CRM platform provides a single source of truth for enrolment, student support, workforce development, and more.
  • Business Schools: Drive student success at scale! Gain a 360-degree view and personalize experiences for students, staff, and corporate partners, leading to a 12% increase in student engagement.

Ready to transform your institution? Connect with Salesforce implementation consultant to empower your students and ensure their success, no matter their educational path.

Salesforce for Education – What Educational Institutions can do? 

Salesforce for Education empowers you to streamline every stage of the student journey, from recruitment to alumni relations. Here’s a glimpse into some key functionalities: 

1. Recruit and Admit Students 

Provide a one-stop shop for prospective students to request information, apply, upload documents, and schedule appointments. 

Additionally, gain a 360-degree view of applications, manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with colleagues – all in one place. Everage more, leverage scoring frameworks to identify high-potential applicants and prioritize your outreach efforts. 

2. Manage Academic Operations 

Salesforce empowers you to create a vibrant mentoring program. Create and manage courses, programs, learning outcomes, and program plans with ease. 

It also empowers students to access course details, learning plans, and important resources through a user-friendly portal. 

3. Support Student Success 

Connect students with mentors, manage program benefits, and track participation to foster a supportive learning environment. 

Furthermore, offers a centralized system for students to schedule appointments with any department, improving accessibility and streamlining communication. 

4. Support Alumni 

Strengthen bonds with your alumni by creating a dedicated online community. A space for alumni to connect, network, and stay engaged with your institution. Also, track donations, manage fundraising activities, and cultivate stronger relationships with alumni donors. 

5. Leverage CRM Analytics 

Gain valuable insights into every stage of the student experience with CRM Analytics dashboards. Gain insights into recruitment, admissions, student engagement, and alumni relations. Additionally, monitor key metrics like application volume, student success rates, and alumni engagement to identify trends and optimize your operations. 

Salesforce empowers you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the educational experience for every student. 

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Education Cloud Pricing 

Salesforce for Education empowers institutions to streamline the student journey, from recruitment to alumni relations, with a focus on data-driven decision-making and fostering student success. 

Here’s a quick look at Salesforce Education Cloud pricing details: 


1. Unlimited Editions – USD 138.75/user/month billed annually 

  • Includes Sales and Service CRM, Education Cloud for Recruitment, Admissions, Student Success, Advancement, and Alumni Relations, scheduling, case management, and education-specific automation. 
  • Access to Premier Success customer support and Salesforce Inbox. 
  • Ideal for institutions seeking comprehensive CRM solutions and advanced features for education management. 

2. Enterprise Edition – USD 81.25/user/month billed annually 

  • Like Unlimited Editions but without access to Premier Success customer support and Salesforce Inbox. 
  • Suitable for institutions needing a robust CRM solution with core features for education management. 

3. Enterprise and Unlimited Editions – USD 25/user/month billed annually 

  • Includes Lightning Platform Plus 
  • Tailored document management checklists, holistic case management, and education-specific automation. 
  • Institutions looking for enhanced CRM capabilities with a focus on student application review and case management. 

4. For Learner and Alumni Success 

  • Login Edition: USD 1.50/login/month billed annually. For learners logging in less frequently, including Customer Community Plus and pre-built Experience Cloud templates. 
  • Member Edition: USD 3.75/member/month billed annually. For active learners logging in frequently, includes all features of the Login Edition with added flexibility. 

5. Education Cloud Add-On 

  • CRM Analytics for Education: USD 41.25/user/month billed annually. Offers pre-built analytics dashboards and templates for the full learner lifecycle. 
  • Education Cloud Intelligence: USD 55/user/month billed annually. Includes features of CRM Analytics for Education, plus Einstein Prediction Builder and a new AI Accelerator for Education. 

6. Sales and Service 

  • Unlimited Edition: USD 96/user billed annually. Includes automation, AI, developer support, chat, and 24/7 support. 
  • Enterprise Edition: USD 48/user billed annually. Offers added features, flexibility, and web API for both sales and service. 

These Education Cloud pricing options provide a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions, from CRM and analytics to learner engagement and success. 

Note – These are the licensing costs of Salesforce Education Cloud. The implementation and integration may incur additional charges. For a comprehensive cost estimate consult with a Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant.

Salesforce Education Cloud - Salesforce implementation Services - Salesforce Consulting Services

End Note 

There’s no doubt that Salesforce Education Cloud is a powerful tool, empowering institutions to streamline student journeys and foster lifelong connections. But to leverage its full potential and unlock a truly customized experience, consult with a Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant

By partnering with us, you can maximize the impact of Salesforce Education Cloud and transform the educational experience for your students. 

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