Salesforce Service Cloud Overview: An Ultimate Guide for Excellent Customer Service

Do you know what the key to a successful business is? The answer is the happy face of the customers. Yes, that’s...

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Salesforce service cloud

Do you know what the key to a successful business is? The answer is the happy face of the customers. Yes, that’s true! You can use any strategy whether it be a word-to-mouth campaign or free advertising, you can only succeed when you meet the requirements of your customers.

Another question: How to keep the customer satisfied? The answer is offering them matchless customer service! But there is a twist to the plot: There are continuous changes in the customer’s expectations. Furthermore, the arrival of digital technology has made it prudent to cater to the expectation of the clients at any cost.

To achieve it, you must design software that supports your business by always putting their customers first and provide them with utmost satisfaction. Is there any solution? Yes, it is the Salesforce Service Cloud!

It is the perfect solution that improves the strategies that make customer services look proficient enough to make them loyal to their services. Do you want to know more about Service Cloud and how it will enhance your business fortune? Then here is everything that you must understand before opting for such stunning cloud services.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce has come up with a noble CRM solution called Service Cloud that is a perfect customer service platform. It offers a single solution that fulfills the needs of the customers from both ends. It comes with notable features such as automation, service console, dashboard, customer self-help portals to offer crucial analytics at a quick look.

In short, you could say that Salesforce consulting services are in a win-win situation as they can enhance their customer service success through offering its two most important services- case and support resolution. Furthermore, it gives Salesforce integration consultants a vital tool to provide personalized support to the customers and resolve cases in the best possible way.

Overview of Service Cloud Benefits

If there is a proper integration of a CRM such as Salesforce, be sure to get the highest lead conversion for your business. However, some question pops up into the mind of viewers:

  • What about customer service?
  • What are the tools that the service cloud can provide to meet the customer’s needs?

But no need to worry as with the given CRM cloud solution, there will be up to 50% improvement in the customer service. In fact, numerous researchers have found that implementing a Service Cloud can enhance the conversion rate by 300%.

So, there is no need to tell how important customer service is and how Salesforce is leading from the front by successfully converting a lead to a sale. To understand the benefits of Service Cloud, let’s visit some of its success:

        I.  Perfect Integration of Sales & Service

Even if there is a wall of segregated systems, no one can separate the collaboration of your sales and service teams. Besides, Sales and Service Cloud are working together for offering a complete client overview to agents (both from the sales and customer service departments).

Why is integration so crucial for meeting customer’s demands? It can be understood through the given case scenario: Imaging a situation, where customers have not done the payment, and when contacted by the sales team, they are furious with the service team as they have not resolved their issues.

What one can get from the given case? It is that if the whole sales and service system is integrated; everything is in order with less occurrence of the mistakes done in the above-given case. Finally, customers will be satisfied and will be more proactive to renew their services.

      II.  Full Support to AI & Automation

Whatever business you are indulged in, you must be ready to face the customer’s ire at some point in your life. Some questions also puzzle them:

  • How one manages the client’s complaints?
  • How much they have an interest in assigning and organizing the task?

So, to make the whole thing work in a line, opting for automation and AI is the best choice as they are renowned for resolving issues at a faster pace. How? Say your service agents can handle many cases at a time. However, there is a risk that they might get overstretch that will bring their morale down. But with automation rules, there is an assurance that any new case will be available to agents only when they are productive. The good news: automation reduces the labor cost for customer service by 40%.

    III.  Integration of Communication Medium for Optimal Personalized Service

As all modes of communication (digital, electronic, print, etc.) allows data storage on a single platform, it is the agents who can access them to derive valuable insights about the behavior of their customers. The end result: Creation of personalized service that can assist the Service Cloud Consultants to predict the future customer’s requirements in the most precise way.

So, each thing is in one place and that allows agents to send follow-up emails without focusing on the case overview. Besides, the availability of live customer service video chat assures the client that there is a touch of human feeling during the delivery of customer service.

    IV.  Integration of the Existing Apps & Tools

There are organizations that either relies on 3rd party apps and tools or utilize a back-end system to match their business level with their competitors. But is it true? No, because using one’s own tools and apps and integrating them will create a seamless workflow that will boost their proficiency.

Moreover, it will allow you to work in a more efficient manner that can be understood from the following example. Integration of back-end system with apps into the Salesforce will help to link specific products to the bucket list of customers and thus pave way for smooth connectivity between products and customer’s wish lists.

Salesforce Service Cloud Platform Components

The majority of people think that Salesforce Service Cloud is one such platform that is suitable to meet almost all business needs through leveraging its components. Every company can’t prepare a roll-out plan or create a comprehensive solution over time. There are ten components of Service Cloud that needed to discuss in detail:

A.  Lightning Console

It is a service dashboard that provides a single customer view for swift handling of cases, track the history of customers, and view dashboards without switching to another software. It comes with a notable feature called macros that are known for complete automation of repetitive tasks to save the delivery time of clients and service providers.

B.  Live Agent

It is an online real-time chat functionality through which customers can use the website for direct communication with their agents and can even hold multiple conversations at once.

C.  Live Message

It is a conversational mobile messaging medium that is both easy and affordable and is most suitable for smarter and faster-personalized conversations.

D. Knowledge Base

It is an online library of services that ready-mades info available to the customers so that they can solve the problem without paying the agent from their pockets.

E. Omni-Channel Routing

It is a feature for permitting efficient working of route service by pushing workloads to the most efficient one to solve service problems with great efficacy. Services can come across various channels and even 3rd parties.

F.  Field Service Lightning

It is a Service Cloud exclusively for your service team so that they can utilize it for offering smarter and personalization services via smartphones.

G. Communities

It focuses on the creation of an engagement layer at the top of the Salesforce platform. It is a place where customers can find answers from anywhere and from any device. Moreover, it also allows customers to accomplish their basic self-service tasks.

H. Snap-Ins

These are unique features that permit the integration of customer support directly into one’s web pages and even apps.

I.  Service Wave Analytics

It is a tool that enhances data insight with more visual displays and permits consultants to take an instant action for perfect optimization. The flip side: It is expensive and hence unsuitable for every company.

J.  Social Customer Service

It is a tool especially for the customer support team to efficiently handle cases on a digital medium (social media). If linked with hashtags, keywords, or Omni-routing, then delivering services to the right agent will be easy.

Customer Service Tools from Service Cloud 

There are numerous organizations across the globe that avail facilities of the Salesforce customer service tools to persuade consumers to interact with their brands in the most effective manner. Here, we are presenting a few of the crucial customer service technologies that will empower the customers to a greater extent.

a) Online Communities

A recent study has revealed that about a quarter of people loves to engage with brands through online communities. It is crucial since companies can access social media so to effectively access customer feedback with significant improvement in their brand value.

b) Help Desk Software & Ticketing System

The Service Cloud offers a help ticket or help desk software system that assists the customers in providing them quick answers to resolve their issues genuinely. Moreover, they also receive notifications at each stage through ‘predictive support’ that means the software is there to proactively solve customer’s grievances.

c) Discussion Forum

The given Cloud software of Salesforce provides a discussion forum that can help an organization to collect customer feedback and respond to it efficiently. It is beneficial as consultants see customers’ feedback and work on it to provide the necessary solutions.

d) Automatic Callback Option

Another essential option offered by Salesforce that permits their telephone (or smart-phone) systems so that customers do not have to wait to get a call from the consultants and even allows organizations to manage call queues efficiently.

e) Self-Service Sites

With the given option, Salesforce allows the customers to have full control over their purchasing and even can resolve their issues by themselves (albeit with some support from the customer service center). With it, there is an ample saving of time for both customers and you.

f) Customer Portal

It is a dedicated internal system present within a company’s web portal that permits consumers to have easy access to their data. Besides, it allows customers to personalize their shopping experience to have a positive and consistent interaction with their consultants forever.

g) Telephony Integration Tool

Salesforce Service Cloud also offers Telephone Integration tools by integrating it with 3rd party system such as Lightning Dialer to allow consultants to make outbound as well as inbound calling efficiently.

h) Live Chat

If you want to provide a good customer experience, then Salesforce offers a feature called live chat, through which customers are encouraged to totally taking purchase decisions.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of any organization, Salesforce Service Cloud is crucial for its survival as it comes with notable features that assist you in providing exceptional customer service. One can consider it as a ‘living platform’ as it upgrades three times a year and that’s an interesting fact! Numerous benefits and high-tech tools make it the number one solution for meeting the demands and needs of the customers in the most proficient manner.

If you are looking for the right software that is perfect to provide a mesmerizing experience to your customers, then instantly call one of the best-certified service cloud consultants who will guarantee that you have made the right choice and will always succeed in your business.