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Top 5 Most Popular Salesforce Integrations

Here are the list of best applications to consider for Salesforce integrations for business efficiency.

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Salesforce is one of the most effective platforms that integrate different applications. In addition, social media applications are in huge demand as it helps to understand consumers’ points of view most realistically. For instance, a huge number of companies are now showing interest in integrating Twitter with the salesforce. The reason is that the platform can access the real-time conversations of millions of consumers. This shows why applications could be considered the topmost salesforce integrations. We have also witnessed that these integrations have been widely used by companies in the current era.

Let us find out the reason why the following applications are in trend for salesforce integrations.

1. Facebook Integration With Salesforce

The combination of these two platforms offers a powerful way to exceed the limits of online communication and mass connectivity. Additionally, the effective integration of Facebook with Salesforce allows a company to generate leads in a safe environment. Furthermore, companies can use these leads to complete further sales processes. Here are some reasons that explain why the Facebook app for salesforce integrations is crucial for your company.  


The challenge is that while the company offers its products and services to the end consumers. The company is unable to find what kind of negative or positive views has been expressed by consumers. To connect and view customers’ comments, companies should have access to a specific social media platform. Hence, companies understand that there is a need to integrate a powerful social media platform with the salesforce to eliminate these issues.


  • Aids in Target Audience Understanding: With the help of Facebook app Integration with Salesforce, companies get data related to the target demographics and other meaningful insights. In addition, Facebook allows salespeople to segment the target audience and develop suitable marketing strategies.
  • Support in Brand Building: Every company knows that Facebook is one of the finest platforms for increasing audience engagement. With the help of Facebook, you gain numerous chances to interact with your audiences and strengthen your brand. On the other hand, you can create and publish branded posts as well as targeted ads that can specifically attract potential consumers.  
  • Enhances Website Traffic: By integrating Facebook into the salesforce, companies can focus on improving website traffic. Apart from posting engaging content, you can share posts that are directly linked to your website.

2. Gmail Integration with Salesforce    

Gmail is a widely used platform for managing various emails while also at the same time sales monitoring as well as customer engagement. To access sales records, enter Gmail in the quick find box in Salesforce setup, then click Gmail integration and sync. This allows salespeople to access Salesforce records from Gmail. Still, we must understand why would any company want Gmail and Salesforce to operate around each other. So, here are some reasons that will make you think about why you should use Gmail with Salesforce.


According to McKinsey & Company Salespeople invest 28 percent of their total day in checking email and calendars. This specified that they are wasting so much time on the type of work that can be done more easily and efficiently. Another major issue is that companies have to spend huge amounts of money on manual sales tasks. In short, all these issues have increased the need to integrate Gmail with the salesforce. 


  • Productivity enhancement: Now employees can use their Gmail account to get instant access to sales data. On the other hand, the right action can be taken by the employees to close different deals.     
  • Higher efficiency: Another key point is that the salespeople do not need to log into Salesforce directly. With the help of this integration, they can now view the data through their Gmail account.     
  • Easy record keeping: Another feature is that the sales staff can add new leads and contacts directly from the Gmail account. Now they can spend more time selling rather than entering data daily.    
  • Improves real-time monitoring: With the help of this integration, sales personnel can assess the sales process. On the other hand, they can understand what new changes or approaches is in need to make an effective decision.
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3. Outlook Integration with Salesforce    

Outlook can schedule meetings, communicate with stakeholders, and develop an efficient to-do list. However, it is highly crucial to understand what the integration of this app could bring. So, why is it important to take into account Outlook Salesforce integrations, particularly in the aspect of today’s digital world? Let’s find out!


It is important to understand that Salesforce, as well as Outlook, incorporates important data. Without integration, the sales staff has to switch from one app to another. Hence, this creates a huge need for companies to integrate this software.


  • Keep Employees Up to Date: If a sales query is entered into Salesforce instead of Outlook, the sales representative may forget to invite or reach the prospect at the mentioned timeframe. Furthermore, one such mistake can result in losing sales and damage to your firm’s customer relations. Hence this integration makes sure to give real-time updates and manage all the sales processes most effectively.    
  • Personalized emails: Every company knows that generic messages do not make much difference. In addition, sending generic emails separately is a time-consuming and ineffective procedure. On the other hand, personalized mail can provide huge benefits like higher response rates, reduced costs, and many more.    
  • Data security: Another major point is Data security, which is one of the most crucial things for any company. If the sales team enters the wrong data, then it may cause huge harm and also waste a huge amount of time. It is necessary to note that Salesforce and Outlook integration can generate automatic data. Moreover, the chances of errors can be reduced significantly and companies may also increase productivity at a rapid pace.    
  • Create personalized systems: Another major benefit is that the outlook and Salesforce integrations personalize your framework. Hence customer service representatives get access to the functionalities they use the most.    

4. Twitter integration with Salesforce  

As a matter of fact, Twitter is one of the most active social networking services available. In the recent scenario, a wide range of organizations has started integrating Twitter with Salesforce to reap maximum benefits. Furthermore, this effective integration has offered new and innovative ways to connect, interact, and attract more consumers. According to research, this integration increases the company’s ability to access 400 million tweets daily. This shows that organizations have a huge number of chances to solve problems and increase brand presence within no time. Here are some more points that clarify why Salesforce Twitter integration is trending.  


Without this Salesforce Twitter integration, Organizations cannot respond to real-time conversations that may affect their brand image.


  • Investigate customer sentiment:  By using this integration, Customers will notice your responsiveness if you resolve an issue rapidly and in public. They understand that you have an efficient and competent customer service team. As a result, you can directly make effective engagement with users who are not happy with the services.  
  • Gain customer loyalty: The integration of Salesforce with Twitter also allows companies to provide 24×7 customer support, which cannot be done via other platforms. Another key point to note is that consumers are more active on Twitter so the support team has a high chance to respond as quickly as possible.  
  • Target consumers at an initial stage: One of the major benefits of salesforce Twitter integration is that it allows the sales team to identify the leads who are least interested in the products or services. Moreover, this can be identified by understanding which consumers are not responding to the tweets.  

5. LinkedIn Integration with Salesforce  

The integration of LinkedIn with Salesforce helps you find LinkedIn leads, connections, accounts, and opportunities, as well as connect directly with other features. According to the LinkedIn research reports organizations that use these platforms are more able to achieve their sales target.  


Businesses today recognize the need to determine whether or not customers are really interested in their products or services.


  • Lowers the cost of lead generation: The effective integration of Salesforce and LinkedIn provides access to different marketing tools. In this case, LinkedIn offers a wide range of data while Salesforce helps to classify that data most effectively.
  • Effective engagement with the specific target audience: LinkedIn can assess the significance of your consumers based on the data provided on their social profiles and attract them with a unique approach for a wider reach.
  • Credible and specific sales insights: Another key benefit is that it provides effective sales insights, and allows salespeople to create precise reports and documents. As a result, companies can make the right decisions at the right time.


It is clear from the above information and various application challenges and benefits that organizations can benefit from well-managed Salesforce integrations. However, it is also essential to identify what type of integration is needed by the company. If a company integrates the right application with salesforce integrations, then it may get maximum benefit.

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