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Having a mobile app is great for customizing the reader’s experience, increasing your brand’s discoverability and increasing the credibility and awareness of...

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Having a mobile app is great for customizing the reader’s experience, increasing your brand’s discoverability and increasing the credibility and awareness of your brand. This latest technology provides the most material at the most advanced stage of digital speed and capacity. They have everything that is in print editions and more like extra photographs, audio and video. But it is not at all simple to adapt print publications to apps. A large part of the problem was the ratio of the screen resolution: they possessed both a “portrait” (vertical) and “landscape” (horizontal) view, depending on how the user held the device. Then the screens of smart phones are much smaller than those of tablets. Unwisely, many publishers ends up producing six different versions of an editorial : a print publication, a conventional digital replica for Web browsers, a digital replica for landscape viewing on tablets, a digital replica for portrait viewing on tablets, a version for smart phones, and an ordinary HTML pages for their websites.

Software development of apps is much harder than publishers anticipates, because they have to hire web developers who have technical expertise. Using a custom developer to build your app can be great. It can also be expensive (think $10-100K), and if your app developer only creates for iOS, you’ve got to hire someone else to build you an app for Android or BB. Even custom built apps also take quite a bit of time to build (approx 3-6 months).

So what about using a platform?

Digital Publishing Platform  

Platforms can be great, especially when it comes to maintaining and updating content. Platforms allow you to easily translate your content into an app viewable version on many devices. With varying degrees of difficulty (some platforms require technical knowledge) you can add levels of interactivity to make your content come to life.

Many platforms perform underrated when it comes to utilizing the social and mobile tools available to allow your readers to share easily, drive awareness and increase subscriptions. Links takes readers outside of the app resulting in losing the reader and sharing tools are often rudimentary, making readers, again leave the app to share, or only allow sharing on Facebook and Twitter, not other social networks, email and SMS etc which are the most common way people share with their friends.

Entering iPublisher

By now, hopefully you’ve got the idea that you’re reading the about digital publishing platform, of course we’ve got to plug ourselves! In all seriousness though, we truly believe we’ve built the best platform solution named iPublisher for publishers looking to build and maintain their niche content.

Here are the reasons why:

iPublisher allow you to publish  on any mobile device, with no coding required.

With iPublisher you simply have to select desired template & upload your content, and drag and drop images, videos, and interactivity. This saves your design and development team a lot of time and resources every time new content is published.

 iPublisher is designed to significantly impact publishers’ bottom line.

Our visual social sharing tool has lead to higher engagement. App users can share their content which results in increased ad revenue and more subscriptions. The goal is to leverage word of mouth marketing which is the greatest form of marketing and drive more qualified leads through the sales funnel, making you more money.

iPublisher help you build your brand.

This drives higher discoverability of your brand so that you don’t miss out on audiences searching for your services. iPublisher also allow you to feature all of brand’s online touch points like app content, website, social links etc in one place. When you click on any of these links, the platform keep readers in-app so you don’t lose them, and their time spent on app increases significantly.

iPublisher is your trusted technology partner.

We’re unbeaten tech geeks in digital publishing, and we’re constantly looking towards the technology horizon to spot new devices and viewing trends. We cook this into our platform at no additional cost. We ensures whatever device your audience is gravitating towards, whether it’s the latest Android device or the new iPad next year, your content will be available and just as beautiful and interactive as it is on any current device.

Partner with great technology so that you don’t have to worry about it and focus on creating great content. Contact us for more information!