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How does Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud improve execution and boosts revenue?

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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud


In the current scenario, customer habits are changing at a rapid pace. To provide high-quality and effective services, companies are trying to enhance their customer engagement strategy. As per the data, 52% of leaders specified that their marketing and merchandising plans are not executed as they intended in stores. The strategies developed in stores are specifically designed to catch the attention of users within seconds. To deal with all types and sizes of businesses Salesforce designed a consumer goods cloud. The main purpose of this consumer goods cloud is to help field representatives and account managers they can take effective decisions.

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Features of Salesforce consumer goods cloud  

1. Inventory Management

Inventory management includes tracking the existing inventory or stock of products. With the help of the consumer goods cloud, companies can manage the demand for orders most effectively. In addition, it also helps to identify out-of-stock products, understand customer demand, and reload orders. We can say that the Consumer goods cloud is highly useful as it helps to manage orders, sales targets, pricing, and many more. By using the consumer goods cloud, retail companies can attain their goals and objectives within no time.  

2. Einstein AI

Artificial intelligence has improved the capabilities of consumer goods cloud platforms. The businesses can manage inventory, optimize compliances, plan stocks, and many more. Also, Einstein’s vision technology makes this platform highly useful and efficient. It gives image recognition and object detection solutions. The major benefit of this technology is that it offers recommendations for store visits and scheduled tasks to increase productivity.   

3. Time Management

The consumer goods cloud allows field representatives to make a strong relationship with retail channel partners. With the help of the salesforce consumer goods cloud, field representatives do not have to waste their time on audits. It also eliminates manual errors. All these activities help field representatives to save time and efficiently manage tasks.  

4. Improved Field Visits

Salesforce consumer goods cloud offers many features that improve the field visits of representatives. It also helps to understand which tasks are most important. Salesforce consumer goods cloud also has an in-map feature that helps in intelligent routing. In addition, businesses can analyze the overall condition of stores and make necessary changes in the most effective manner.  

5. Task Management

With the help of the consumer goods cloud, retail businesses, in fact, can track the tasks of the agent. It allows agents to check completed tasks, pending tasks, and other important things. Another important thing is that it gives accurate reports to businesses. Overall, the tasks can be efficiently managed with the salesforce consumer goods cloud. 

6. Analytics

Salesforce consumer goods cloud allows you to analyze the performance of the field and also, store representatives in a specific location. With the help of this application, managers can use CRM dashboards to get valuable insights and make necessary improvements to enhance the performance of employees in the future. 

7. Planning and visit execution

Salesforce consumer goods cloud provides all the necessary information to salespersons on their mobile. In this way, they can plan what task needs to be done most effectively. The consumer goods cloud customizes templates to better meet customer demands during visits. Overall, the consumer goods cloud helps to enhance productivity in the most effective manner. 

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Now let’s check some of the factors Salesforce consumer goods cloud is helping the retail industry.

What is its impact on the Retail Sector?

It has been identified that 95% of goods are sold via physical stores. Furthermore, management, in-store placement, and promotions of goods are some of the most important strategies of a retail business. If a company wants to improve its overall operations, then it is necessary to have the right data and technology. With the help of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud, brands can also make strong connections with consumers. In addition, Einstein AI has also improved the efficiency of the consumer goods cloud.   

This technology offers business intelligence so that brands can find answers to complex questions. One of the major impacts of this cloud is that the field representatives can make sure that shelves are always in stock, and that pricing and promotions are aligned with the expectation. Also, with the help of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud, sales representatives can build effective relationships with retail channel partners. Overall, we can say that retail organizations have been using this platform to achieve competitive advantage most effectively.  

Salesforce consumer goods cloud was introduced by the company in 2019. The cloud was created mainly for retail companies. Also, the company specified that this cloud will help retail organizations increase revenue, and maximize ROI through improved retail execution capabilities. The global cloud computing market is valued at $368.91 billion in 2021. As per the data, it is expected to increase by 15.7% from 2022 to 2030. Furthermore, retail giants like Walmart have been using this cloud to enhance their operations most effectively.  

How does it help retail players? Its Advantages  

There are various benefits of using the Salesforce consumer goods cloud. The salesforce consumer goods cloud helps retail originations to focus on every segment. It allows sales representatives to achieve their goals most effectively. With the help of Salesforce commerce cloud developers, retail players can streamline operations. It also offers intelligent solutions to enhance in-store experiences. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud: 


A. Improve store layout

With the help of the salesforce consumer goods cloud, the management of inventory becomes so easy and efficient. It helps retail businesses to create planograms, manage store shelves, manage inventory, and many more. Furthermore, these planograms can be effectively used by businesses for visual merchandising. Salesforce consumer goods cloud also allows you to scan store shelves to identify out-of-stock products and track inventory.  

B. Helps to audit shelves

Salesforce consumer goods cloud helps to accurately fulfill inventory requirements, and develop a plan and merchandise availability. The power of Einstein has also enhanced the shelf auditing procedure. In addition, it helps to identify different details like price, quantity, discount, promotions, and many more. Overall, we can say that the salesforce consumer goods cloud can enhance the productivity and efficiency of retail businesses.  

C. Use shopping trips to their full potential

Another major advantage of the consumer goods cloud is that it helps sales representatives to maintain track of each activity. If you have a consumer goods cloud then your sales representatives do not have to maintain the tasks manually. Sales representatives can streamline different activities like shop visits in the most effective manner. For example, salespersons can maintain track of each activity by getting information about different crucial parameters like location, store name, expected visit time, and many more. Hence, salespersons can improve their performance most effectively. 

D. Taking orders on mobile

You can think of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud as the most useful shop management software. This software helps retail businesses to achieve their objectives within no time. This facility allows retailers to accept orders via mobile which saves time and enhances customer experience.  

E. Data surveys and collection

Another major benefit of this software is that it allows retail organizations to gather data from different sources. With the help of this data, and Salesforce commerce cloud consultants organizations can make informed decisions. In addition, it allows the retail organization to conduct surveys, gather feedback, and many more.

Furthermore, let’s check its execution in eCommerce platforms.

Top eCommerce platforms 

We have observed that a huge number of businesses have started using eCommerce platforms to build online stores. These platforms have become highly popular as they are easy to use, and offer extensive features, customer support, and many more. To attain competitive advantage companies have been using popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more. 

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows small businesses to build an online store and sell products through streamlined dashboards. If you want to launch your online store then you must be aware of these top platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more. 


As per the data, these are some of the best eCommerce platforms. It has been identified that Shopify is highly preferred by small organizations to build an online business. On the other hand, WooCommerce is suitable for small as well as medium enterprises. Magento is suitable for firms that have a huge number of resources. All these platforms come with different strengths. 

Want to get more out of your eCommerce platform?  

We understand that it is difficult for organizations to choose the right eCommerce platform for their organization. But you can strengthen your existing system with Salesforce. 

If you are already using an eCommerce platform like “Shopify” and want to get the most out of it to boost your revenue then integration is the option for you. To get maximum benefits, we suggest you integrate your existing eCommerce platform with Salesforce to get maximum benefit and make a robust solution for your organization. 

How you can implement the Shopify platform and Salesforce consumer goods cloud?

As we all know the salesforce consumer goods cloud offers a huge number of benefits to the business. It is necessary to understand how to implement the Salesforce consumer goods cloud with other retail technologies to reap maximum benefits. Let’s know how to implement Salesforce and Shopify altogether. You can integrate both through three different methods. To integrate these two, you can use plugins that are available in the Salesforce app stores, use an application programming interface, or choose a highly experienced Salesforce integration partner.  

Use CSV files

  •  Go to the customer tab in your Shopify admin account and click export  
  •  Now choose plain CSV as the file format  
  •  Click on the export customer, then Shopify will give a CSV file that can be downloaded  
  •  Log in to Salesforce and use the search bar to find “data import wizard”  
  •  Now choose the CSV file created in the first step  
  •  In the next step, CSV fields are transferred to the salesforce contact object field. The CSV includes the first name, last name, email, and phone number. Salutation and title fields will need to be kept empty in Salesforce  
  •  The job status screen will appear once you click next. Now you can find your data in Salesforce  


APIs can also be used to integrate Shopify and Salesforce consumer goods cloud. The application programming interface acts as a software intermediary. It helps to connect Shopify and the Salesforce consumer goods cloud. It allows data communication between Shopify and the salesforce consumer goods cloud. Shopify has a set of APIs that makes it easier to export data from it. On the other hand, Salesforce has APIs that help from external sources. In this way, the integration between two systems becomes possible. This method will combine the APIs to achieve Shopify to Salesforce integration.  

Salesforce Integration Partner

Hiring a Salesforce integration consultant is one of the most reliable and also the best options to ensure successful integration between the two platforms. As we have seen various companies face issues like data migration, poor communication between the platforms, incorrect data sharing, accuracy, etc. when integrating two platforms. Without guidance and proper planning, moreover, it leads to data loss, security issues, and more. Thus, we recommend working with a Salesforce integration partner as the best option. 


How Emorphis Technologies can help you?

After analyzing all the information, it becomes quite clear that the consumer goods cloud streamlines retail operations most effectively. We have observed that a huge number of brands face issues while selecting the right CRM platform. Retail organizations need to enhance their operations to increase customer satisfaction rates. With the help of the right guidance and support, any retail company can boost revenue. You can reap all the necessary benefits of this cloud with Salesforce consulting services.  

 Connect with us to get the following benefits:  

  • Save time and resources  
  • Utilize the Salesforce platform to its full extent  
  • Make great decisions and solve your business issues
  • 24*7 support and assistance  
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  • Implement Salesforce updates seamlessly  

It is clear from the above analysis that retail organizations face various issues daily. To attain the desired results, it is necessary to utilize the technology in the right manner. We have highlighted the importance of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud for a retail organization. However, it is necessary to connect with a credible Salesforce consulting company that can guide you in the right direction.

Emorphis Technologies can help you with each step by providing the right guidance. We have a highly experienced team of Salesforce consultants who can provide different types of services including Salesforce customization services, integration, app development, and many more. Connect with us to know everything about Salesforce consumer goods cloud or other services.