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Salesforce Customization Services – Achieve Business Goals and Boost Productivity

Learn about achieving business goals and boosting productivity with help of Salesforce Customization Services

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Salesforce is a CRM platform that has wider appeal as it assists sales, marketing, service and IT teams to work as a single unit from anywhere, and with a single motive: to keep customers satisfied. Moreover, Salesforce CRM helps companies to remain connected with their customers and improves their profitability. In addition, it also supports features such as integration and customization. Here, we will focus on one thing: Salesforce Customization services.

Customizing Salesforce CRM To Match The Unique Needs Of Business

Salesforce customization services at Emorphis Technologies help businesses to get the best out of Salesforce. In addition, our salesforce customization services offer customizable and buildable solutions quickly and with less difficulty. Hence, it happens through three factors.  

Firstly, it meets the business needs by customizing Salesforce features. Secondly, it adds value to sales & marketing operations through customer retention. Thirdly, it assists in adopting the best CRM platform and maximizing its benefits.  

Thus, addressing unique challenges made people look towards Salesforce customization.  

As a matter of fact, we will focus on customization with Salesforce. Besides, we will discuss how it will be fruitful for enterprises to achieve their goals perfectly. 

So, let’s begin with the basics! 

What is Salesforce customization, and why is it needed?

Basically, Salesforce customization implies the introduction of new features in the standard application environment. It also comprises custom development code, external tools, and customizing Salesforce CRM flow.  

In addition, Salesforce CRM customization offers several attractive features that come alive behind coding. Finally, a few configured things that are not achievable get accomplished with custom code thus paving the way for customization.  

Now, a question arises: 

‘Why is there a need for Salesforce customization services?’ 

As a matter of fact, Salesforce customization is known as a business power booster! How? In fact, there are several factors that justify it.  

Not to mention, salesforce comes with several robust features that create a high impact and brings more value to the sales and marketing activities. Additionally, the best part about the given platform is that it keeps customers fully satisfied with the services.  

So, it’s high time to figure out why it gets more preference now.  Let’s see the need that led to Salesforce customization becoming more dominant. 

A. Usability of your Platform Optimizes to a Great Extent

Contrary to the belief, first-time users face difficulty in managing Salesforce CRM software due to one factor: usability.  

Unfortunately, lack of usability not only eats into the employees’ time but also results in a significant loss of revenue.  

For example, closing a deal by the sales team needs to follow some extra steps. If they delay, then it equals a loss of crucial opportunity.  

Here, customization plays a vital role. It simplifies the platform to make Salesforce easy to utilize by end-users.  

For instance, a Salesforce developer can use Visualforce or APEX to customize the user interface. In turn, it helps in cutting redundant steps needed to complete various tasks.

B. Enable Third-Party Integrations  

Simply speaking, customizing any given Salesforce platform is essential. Why? It’s because to get Salesforce integration with the best 3rd party tools. Moreover, Salesforce customization makes integration with API web services such as Rest efficient.  

C. Connects with Existing System Efficiently 

As a matter of fact, In every organization, many technologies including Salesforce find their usage. Thankfully, Salesforce customization permits consumers to integrate their existing apps with Salesforce and create a centralized system for the exchange of data.  

What will be the positive impacts? There are many, such as: 

  • Improve outcome and productivity of the employees
  • No hopping between two systems  
  • Fewer errors in extracting information from various platforms  
  • Effective utilization of time  

D. Proper Analytics is Possible through Salesforce Customization  

So, defining the relationship between Salesforce and analytics is based on one factor. It is, you must implement proper analytics to make Salesforce customization successful.  

Ideally, your Salesforce CRM must offer tools to track all vital activities and dig deeper to get valuable insights.  

To make it happen, hiring a Salesforce customization expert is a good decision. Why? Salesforce customization service provider will help in making your platform adopt various tools to receive relevant insights which are equally important to improve the decision-making process.

What are the types of Salesforce Customization?

Normally, hiring the best Salesforce development consultant requires you to align your goals with them to better serve your business and sales team. 

By all means, the need for perfect customization depends on the business and its goals. So, according to it, Salesforce comprises three aspects: 

I. Declarative 

To begin with; declarative customization focuses on the user’s requirement by turning features on and off within the given program. Though it is complex in nature still, it will configure all the back-end resources present in the Salesforce dashboard.  

Since there is a need for zero programming in the Salesforce configuration, always think ‘click not code’ first. Further, you can hire a Salesforce consulting service provider. They will help you to properly adjust the native settings of Salesforce to achieve notable results.  

II. Integration  

Rather than re-entering data, you can integrate major applications in Salesforce to manage data flow and prevent it from any failure. Hence, several enterprise applications come with Salesforce integration apps.  

At present, there are about 3000 such apps that come either free or in paid versions and include sales, marketing, finance, customs services, etc. 

You can also check the guide to Salesforce integration services.

III. Custom Code  

The custom code options come within the Salesforce framework and find their utilization in two things, business logic, and front-end components.   

In addition, you can use APEX to create custom dashboards and functions to automatically perform functions such as performing calculations, updating fields, and creating records. 

What is the Salesforce customization Workflow?

salesforce customization workflow
Salesforce Customization Workflow

So, the next step of Salesforce implementation is identifying steps for Salesforce customization workflow. Naturally, there is a requirement for a strategy that adjusts customized solutions with your business goals.  

Let’s have a look at these critical stages: 

a) Surveying the Users to Get a Real Picture of Their Needs  

Before upgrading the system, you must make Salesforce convenient for your clients. Therefore, it becomes more prominent for conducting surveys with employees concerning Salesforce. It must include challenges they faced while utilizing Salesforce. 

Moreover, they must check about the features that have become redundant, and those features are absent but shall prove useful in the future.  

Similarly, there can be the addition of more questions to get a clear perceptive. Moreover, taking brief surveys is advisable to tweak the process whenever the need arises.  

b) Deciding About Customization 

After getting accustomed to the whole system, go ahead with setting up a customization team that will accomplish the whole procedure. Therefore, follow a few paths as per the availability of time and resources: 

  • Hire Salesforce consultants (certified only) 
  • Permit your team to collaborate with consultants for estimating the customization scope initially  
  • Choose a Salesforce partner to offer ongoing system support 

c) Emphasize Custom Features to Cut the Budget  

Obviously, Salesforce implementation experts must draw a boundary by understanding the criticality of the given feature and how the consumers are facing issues without it. Besides, they will also look into the changes done in their business.  

Once priorities are set, focus now on what to customize and configure. Further, you can forward all the planned changes to your development team after exhausting your configuration options.   

d) Before Deployment, Not Forget to Use Sandbox 

Every change comes with some unpredictable consequences. To avoid it, you must understand the linkage between different objects and features. 

Likewise, instead of foreseeing each detail, the wise thing is to test the customization in a sandbox environment. So, there are four sandbox varieties for the Salesforce:

Sandbox Types Usage 
Developer Sandbox Create new customization through testing fresh data (with no involvement of historical data) 
Developer Pro Sandbox Create an isolated and clean customization system by testing a larger set of fresh test data 
Partial Copy Sandbox Create a testing environment (with sample data) to check the impact of new customization on the system 
Full Sandbox Perform performance and load testing. It contains a full copy so to use for final testing 

Table 1: Types of Sandbox Environment in Salesforce 

e) Avoid Over-Customization

Due to over-customization, the Salesforce platform acquires redundant features that result in low adoption rates.  

Fortunately, one can avoid it by planning customization at the finish line. To move in the right direction, check the user’s feedback with your budget and future customizations in long term.  

Furthermore, if planning for critical system changes, do it one by one! Why? It’s the only way to make end-users adapt to changes and be future-ready for more one.  

f) Don’t Forget Imparting Training to End-Users 

Usually, it is a great challenge to successfully adopt Salesforce. In addition, complexity increases with the arrival of new customization. Hence, making users Salesforce-savvy will improve their daily working on their system efficiently.  

To make it happen, one must impart training through different sandbox types. So, when there are live changes, employees from day one shall know how to use the upgraded version.

How to choose a Salesforce customization consultant?

For any Salesforce CRM development consulting company, offering an affordable Salesforce consultant is essential as they will cater to the needs of their clients when it will be mostly required. However, before hiring, they must ask one question: 

‘What should be the qualities and skills based on which you shall choose a Salesforce consultant?’ Let’s discuss: 

A. Experience  

Above all, the Salesforce consultant must use their knowledge to meet their organization’s specific needs. For this to happen, they must have experience in delivering the best results. So, before hiring a Salesforce consultant, they must fulfill the following criteria:  

  • Must have worked on similar projects in the past  
  • They must have documentation with them at present
  • It should offer a demo of their expertise  
  • They should have expertise in frequent interaction with several departments such as; sales, operations, and marketing 

B. Technical Expertise  

It is another quality that defines a Salesforce consultant. Here, you must check their area of expertise and if they have done any certification courses by: 

  • Checking their specialization as Salesforce developers, administrators, or specialists 
  • Checking their expertise in design 
  • Must have technical know-how about Salesforce areas such as Sales, Marketing, or Service cloud 

C. Salesforce Certification  

Salesforce offers certifications in several editions that indicate that the consultant has got the skills to simplify every complex solution. Therefore, certification signifies a stamp of approval. Consequently, certified professionals will do wonders for their clients.  

D. Communication Skills 

Certainly, a powerful ‘soft’ skill; is a parameter that distinguishes between an average and competent Salesforce consultant. Likewise, they must not only excel in technical skills but must be able to: 

  • Convey their ideas 
  • Understand input from the clients  
  • Assist clients in making decisions  
  • Discuss challenges, goals, and business strategies with clients  
  • Avail training to employees about Salesforce and their requirements  
  • Ensure seamless flow of data between departments

To fulfill such requirements, a Salesforce consultant with strong communication skills will be an ideal candidate.  

E. Understanding of Business 

A Salesforce consultant may have the necessary experience, competence, qualification, and skills, but a lack of knowledge about the clients will result in the failure of the Salesforce implementation project.  

Thankfully, the best Salesforce development consultant company provides expert consultants that have wide knowledge about their customers. Moreover, they are ready to offer the best solutions to achieve notable results.    

To improvise, they must ask them whether they have worked on similar projects or not. If required, they can discuss with their previous clients to get access to their accountability. 

What is the cost for Salesforce customization?

Though Salesforce is a little bit expensive, customizing it will make it cheaper to meet your business procedures successfully.  

So, the cost of Salesforce customization depends on the complexity of the internal procedures of a corporation. Besides, it also depends on the technical approaches to adjust the given platform.  

Normally, a Salesforce customization solution might cost around somewhat between US $50,000-US $60,000.  

Now, to make it simple, the Salesforce customization cost can be divided into: 

Cost of Hiring a Salesforce Customization Consultant 

Normally, it is crucial to know-how about the cost of a Salesforce customization consultant.  

Roughly, hiring a Salesforce consultant is not a cumbersome process. Therefore, one has to find them out as per their hourly rate: 

Types of Salesforce Consultants Hourly Rate (in US $) 
Freelancer 15-100 
Certified Consultant 130-150 
Salesforce Architect 150-200 

Table 2: Salesforce Customization Consultant’s Price 

Cost of Salesforce Customization via integration with 3rd Party

There are several factors that have wide influences on the cost of Salesforce integration with 3rd party systems. It includes app connectors, custom codes, and complexities associated with the user interface. On average, a Salesforce integration will need a total investment of US $30,000 to US $50,000.  

Cost Associated with End-User Training 

No matter how much customization is done, if your team couldn’t utilize it, it is of no use. That’s why training the employees is another aspect one much give due consideration to.  

Therefore, the total pricing of training the employees depends on: 

  • Training mode (remote, on-site, or instructor-led) 
  • Number of users and their types  

Roughly, it comes to around the US $10,000, especially for mid-sized companies with several departments.  

Cost Associated with After-Launch Salesforce Support 

Even after Salesforce customization, there is great demand for support after the product’s deployment (usually up to 3 months). So, after-launch support prices come in the range of US $10,000 to US $45,000 per project.

Why Choose Emorphis Technologies for Salesforce Customization Services?

Emorphis Technologies is the reputed Salesforce consulting services provider that aims to meet the needs of sales and customer service needs. Here, our certified Salesforce customization consultants do the following marvelous things:  

  • Implement & customize CRM as per the client’s expectations  
  • Increase awareness about the usage of Salesforce CRM solution
  • Persuade to use it optimally to maximize benefits 

At the same time, we also work on the list of Salesforce products: 

  • Sales Cloud 
  • Service Cloud 
  • Community Cloud 
  • Financial Cloud 
  • Non-Profit  
  • Salesforce CPQ

Advantages of Salesforce Customization Services with Emorphis Technologies

At Emorphis Technologies, we know how to make your business look more profitable through Salesforce customization. Here is the list of benefits to access from Salesforce customization services:  

a) Increase in Revenue  

As an assurance to the clients, we fine-tune all CRM-related operations with necessary integrations for seamless and individualized communication with customers. With such elements, be sure to see a surge in your revenue.  

b) Improve Business Productivity  

We, at Emorphis Technologies, keep in mind the user convenience and implement customization in Salesforce to assist our clients in getting tangible business growth.  

c) Achieve High ROI 

As per several reports, every penny spent on CRM returns $8.71 in sales revenue. We assure our customers of getting a much bigger ROI through our successful Salesforce customization projects. 

Closing Words

At last, Salesforce customization services are gaining new ground by ensuring business success. With the help of the given process and customization, it has become easier to churn out more benefits and achieve notable results.  

Salesforce customization services not only does it mitigate issues related to low consumer adoption but are also customized so much to meet the specific needs of the customers with great efficacy.