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Top 10 Trends of DevOps in 2023

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Top Ten Trends of DevOps in 2023


The evolution of automation technologies in different industry verticals has increased the demand for DevOps consulting and implementation services. It has also been identified that organizations are adopting DevOps tools for quick development and deployment.

According to a report, the global DevOps market was valued at US$7398 million in 2021. It is expected to reach US$37,227 million by 2030. The statistics clearly highlighted that DevOps has become an area of interest for a large number of organizations. In order to attain a competitive advantage many companies have started adopting DevOps methodology. The success of every organization depends on delivering high-quality products and services at a rapid pace. When a company adopts DevOps consulting services and its methodology then it becomes possible to deliver high-quality services to clients. 

DevOps consulting and implementation services

DevOps consulting services can certainly help your organization improve its product life cycle but the question is how effectively you can integrate it? In order to reap all the benefits, you should connect with an experienced DevOps consulting company

DevOps is constantly evolving to meet the changing demand of companies in the future. The new practices, trends, and technologies have made DevOps highly popular among companies. The latest trends help to understand the ways through which a company can enhance its performance even in the future. If you have knowledge about the recent trends then you will be able to work faster, smarter and offer better quality to the clients.  

Let’s have a look at the trends now to understand this in a better way.

Top Ten Trends of DevOps

1. DevSecOps 

The increasing concern for security has increased the market size of DevSecOps. The DevSecOps market is expected to reach US$ 23.16 billion by 2029. DevSecOps is a combination of development, security, and operation.

DevSecOps Life Cycle

Furthermore, DevSecOps is trending as it helps to integrate robust security measures into DevOps practices in the initial stages. Continuous security checks help to identify security threats in the beginning and improve the overall outcome. DevSecOps plays a very important role in eliminating delays, product defects, cost overruns, and many more. Hence, it is quite clear why DevSecOps is trending in the current era.

2. Serverless Computing 

Another major DevOps trend is serverless computing. As per the reports, the market share of serverless computing has a value of US$7.29 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach US$36.84 billion by 2028.

With the help of serverless computing, developers can write or deploy code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. It also helps to reduce the developer’s workload by taking care of server maintenance including system updates and cloud monitoring.

3. Microservice Architecture 

Microservice architecture is another DevOps trend. The microservice architecture services break down the larger applications into smaller applications. This makes the process smoother and error-free. Most companies use it as it simplifies the development, testing, and deployment process in the most effective manner. The global microservice architecture is valued at $2073 million in 2018 and it is expected to reach $8073 by 2026. This shows that a huge number of companies are using microservice architecture to gain numerous benefits.

Some of the most innovative companies like Netflix, Uber, and Amazon have been using microservice architecture services for a very long time. The main reason is that the companies have realized that the adoption of microservices has helped them to attain greater business agility, profits, and many more in the most effective manner. 

4. AIOps 

As per the data, the AIOps platform market size is expected to grow from US$2.83 billion in 2021 to US$19.93 billion by 2028.

With the help of artificial intelligence, DevOps consultants and experts can code, test, release and monitor software in the most effective manner. Furthermore, AI helps to enhance automation, identify errors and make the process more effective. With the help of Alops, you can identify the cause which is affecting the operational productivity in your organization. 

5. Low Code Applications

The market size of low-code development platforms is expected to reach US$94.78 billion by 2028.

This low-code development helps to build applications by using a visual interface and drag-and-drop elements. It is highly beneficial for non-technical users as it requires a minimal amount of coding.

low code development platforms

In this demanding software market, you can attain a competitive advantage by using low-code applications. The low-code applications enhance the overall development process, as per the instance noticed. Hence, a huge number of organizations are switching to low-code applications in order to increase productivity.

The low-code application development tools support different aspects of software development including software design, code development, quality assurance, and many more. 

6. GitOps

GitOps helps to automate and manage the overall infrastructure. In addition, it uses tools like git to automate the software delivery pipeline in an effective way. It enables you to quickly deploy applications into production without the need to set up servers or handle storage manually.

Developers and IT operators can use Git to deliver highly efficient and secure applications without any errors. In addition, GitOps can enhance the overall productivity of a DevOps team. If you use GitOps then your team can quickly experiment with new infrastructure configurations. 

7. Kubernetes

As per the research, The global Kubernetes market has a value of US$714 million in 2020. It is expected to reach US$8242 million by 2030.

Kubernetes has become one of the recent popular DevOps trends. The main aim of Kubernetes is to simplify the complex distributed system. Also, more than 70 percent of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production. This shows that a huge number of organizations have started recognizing the benefits of Kubernetes.

8. Multi-cloud environment 

According to the research, 90 percent of organizations have already deployed multi-cloud architecture. Due to evolving technology and increasing complexity organizations are giving importance to multi-cloud environments.

DevOps and multi-cloud environments support each other. It includes public, private, and edge clouds that help to fulfill your company’s needs. In addition, organizations have been widely using multi-cloud environments as it gives freedom to compare different providers and select the best cloud which fulfills their needs in the best way.  

9. Infrastructure as a Code 

The data highlighted that the infrastructure as a code market is expected to reach US$3.5 billion by 2030.

In addition, infrastructure as a code allows DevOps teams to test the applications in a production-like environment in the development phase. Infrastructure as a code (IaC) will be in trend as it makes the entire software development cycle more efficient.

One of the major benefits of IaC is that it helps to reduce the cost of infrastructure management. The major goal of IaC is to make things more efficient by eliminating manual processes. Now the companies have also understood that more can be achieved in less time using a code-based methodology. 

10. SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)  

In recent years SRE has observed tremendous growth. As per the data, site reliability engineering and DevOps will accompany each other in the upcoming years. The combination of both these techniques can improve operational performance in the most effective manner. Furthermore, a site reliability engineer simplifies the complicated process by creating a bridge between development teams and IT operations. 

We believe that DevOps consulting is always adapting to remain useful for the users. DevOps consulting services increase collaboration, With DevOps implementation, it helps communication between the development and operations teams. In order to further improve performance, we should understand how to fully utilize this technology in order to reap maximum benefits. If you want to understand how DevOps can make your organization more efficient then we suggest you hire a DevOps consulting service company. 

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How Does the Future of DevOps Look Like? 

As per the data, the DevOps market will increase at a rapid pace. In the current scenario more and more companies are taking interest in DevOps consulting and implementation services. The success of DevOps will need organizations to change the current mindset and adopt new tools, and technologies in order to attain goals. Also, as per trends, the future of DevOps requires more focus on automation, microservice infrastructure, culture, monitoring, security, and many more. 

In the future, companies have to put a major emphasis on culture. This means that a company should break rigid structures in order to attain the desired goals. Another major thing is to believe in identifying the issue in the initial stage. In this way, a company can also save time, and cost and enhance performance.

Furthermore, a huge number of organizations will use DevOps as it has the ability to make deployments 200 times faster. The collaboration between big data and DevOps has also made DevOps a highly efficient tool for automation as well as configuration.  

Now we can say that DevOps services have a long way to go and this can help you attain a competitive advantage. To understand more about it, you have to connect with a reliable DevOps consulting service company.  

Devops consulting services

Summing up 

As per the above information, it is clear that DevOps will develop further. The technologies and methods of DevOps have been continuously under adoption by companies all around the world. The above-mentioned trends have specified that DevOps holds so many things for the future. With the help of DevOps methodology, you can improve performance and attain goals in the most effective manner. 

It is also necessary to have in-depth knowledge of DevOps in order to reap all the benefits. With the help of these trends, a company can improve its ability to design high-quality software solutions. Emorphis Technologies have a highly experienced team who will assist you at every stage. With Emorphis Technologies you can attain desired results within no time. 

If you want to use recent DevOps trends or looking for DevOps Consulting Services and DevOps Implementation to transform your company then do connect with us.