Salesforce Consultancy Services – A Quick Guide to Understand Efficient Role of Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce consultancy services are pivotal in increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization. Here's a quick guide to understanding the efficient...

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Salesforce consultancy services


Today, a huge number of businesses strive to love firms that are built on the solid foundation of Salesforce consultancy services. Many Salesforce consultants, in particular, come with specialization in sales cloud, marketing cloud, and new cloud communities. 

Salesforce communities have now become a popular solution that every organization wants to incorporate into their infrastructure. Why? It’s because they’re feature-rich systems that allow businesses to communicate quickly with customers and vice versa. 

Salesforce Consultancy Services
Figure 1: Salesforce vs. Other CRMs
Source: Salesforce News

The above-given graph clearly signifies that Salesforce is leading in the market share by occupying the first position continuously for eight years in the CRM market. So, every company wants to include it to have a good connection with their customers and partners. 

Once an organization has implemented Salesforce into its operations, the next step is to contact one of the reputable Salesforce consultancy services to receive all of the essential assistance in achieving their aims and objectives. 

Now, there is a question that puzzles everyone

How does Salesforce help an IT company to get access to high success in their business? It is possible by hiring Salesforce consultants that will assist them in: 

  • Identification and implementation of cloud applications to create a niche product for their business 
  • Creation of designing strategies to communicate the brand to their customers 
  • Seamless transition from enterprise business to cloud services with fewer interruptions 

Therefore, Salesforce consultancy services are crucial to making your business look more profitable. Let’s venture more into the given topic in the given blog: 

What are Salesforce consultancy services?

Salesforce consultancy services are intended to help any organization with sales, marketing, and customer service. They offer a platform that helps in creating an effective communication channel between the organization and customers. 

There is a great surge in taking the help of consultancy services provided by Salesforce and every company is vouching for it. Why is it so?

The reason is due to significant transformation in the way of operating a business by converting it into a social enterprise. It is made possible by providing enough space for customers, employees, and partners to effectively share and connect to gain valuable information.

In such a scenario, the role of the Salesforce consultant has become more important that we will discuss in the next section.

What Does a Salesforce Consultant Do?

The role of a Salesforce consultant is to optimize products as per the needs of the clients so as to mold them as per the operating of the business. They focus on carrying their core function to assist organizations to get more from investment.

Many experts have rightly said that a Salesforce consultant is the right arm of the business ecosystem. We could say that they offer products in the form of expertise and sell them to the customers in the form of advice and time. Moreover, they could also work as:

  • Solution integrator.
  • Agency.
  • As an independent entity.

There are numerous responsibilities on the shoulders of the Salesforce consultant, and they range from the configuration tasks to gathering info about the project to keep it on track.

Now, there is a question

‘Exactly, what does Salesforce Consultant do?” 

To answer it, we must outline its three crucial aspects: 

  • Entry-Level Consultants: They have zero to one year of experience and perform supporting roles by performing the execution of the configuration tasks offered by other members. It comprises roles such as learning and observing. They perform the following tasks:
    • Building Salesforce reports according to the requirements.
    • Building a good rapport with the team offered by the client.
    • Simple data migration and clean-up.
    • Implementation of document solution.
    • Offering valuable training to users.
  • Mid-Level Consultant: They have one to three years of experience and focus on leading small projects, lead needs for upcoming sessions, and design solutions. They include the following tasks:
    • Involvement of presales for gathering data related to Salesforce products.
    • Independent gathering of data for business analysis for understanding the current scenario.
    • Have familiarity with popular Salesforce integrations.
    • Effective utilization of Salesforce declarative functionality.
    • Performing configuration tasks for less common Salesforce features. 
    • Stakeholder management for client-based projects.
  • Senior Consultant: They are consultants who have more than three years of experience and collaborate with multiple integrated systems. They emphasize controlling the data model, release stakeholder management, and even acting as an escalation point as per the requirements of their clients. Their roles and responsibilities include:
    • Presales involvement where consultants gather client’s data with multiple Salesforce products.
    • Collect data for cross-organizational transformation impacting multiple teams.
    • Oversee release management and large deployments.
    • Planning a roadmap for future enhancements.

Advantages of Taking Help of Salesforce Consultancy Services from Emorphis

There are several benefits when hiring a Salesforce consultant helps you achieve great results. We in Emorphis as a Salesforce development service provider ensure to offer our customers the best Salesforce services with advantages as discussed below:

  1. Helps in Closing Business Deals Quickly
    We offer a seamless Salesforce solution that will help you save time by closing the business deal as swiftly as possible so to make any organization more productive.
  2. Resolving Business Issues 
    We are the best Salesforce integration service provider that will integrate well with your CRM system to avoid data loss and make good business decisions that will help you to find and flush out all critical business issues.
  3. Track Progress with the Implementation of CRM
    We assist you by providing all technical details related to the implementation of CRM to perfectly track the progress and bring out the best result to make your business more prosperous.
  4. Enhance Potential Growth
    We love that our companies are exceeding their potential and also achieving fruitful results. Emorphis Technologies in fact, offers many innovative cloud CRM solutions that help transform the workflow of the enterprise and bring the best results.

What is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, and How Does it Assist Business?

Do you know where you can sell your Salesforce products online? The answer is AppExchange. It is an online Salesforce marketplace that offers ample solutions and services to more than a thousand consultants.

Now, what is AppExchange’s partner?

Salesforce AppExchange Partner is an ISV that develops market applications on the AppExchange platform. It offers solutions (both free and paid) to numerous sectors such as sales, marketing, finance, integration, human resources, customer services, and many others.

There are several ways the AppExchange partner program brings immense success for any organization by offering services for several categories such as:

  • Design & Develop through ISV developer tools and Salesforce customer 360 platform.
  • Sell & Market by accessing the AppExchange marketing program.
  • Service & Support by offering access to technical support case packages.

So, an AppExchange partner program fulfills the needs of every partner by bringing products in the market well. What’s more, joining forces with AppExchange app development will help Salesforce the companies to position their app products in the best way and thus take several steps ahead of their rivals.

What should I look for in a Salesforce consultant?

Several organizations now realize that managing their workload with Salesforce will create wonders. That’s why Salesforce in fact, has become the CRM choice that every company wants to have in their business infrastructure.

But often, implementing Salesforce and customizing or salesforce consulting services takes lots of time and effort. Therefore, there is a requirement of a Salesforce expert consultant that will help proper management of the IT resources successfully.

Here’s where we offer Salesforce customization in fact, to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment. Now, we will tell you some of the qualities of a Salesforce consultant that in fact, will determine the functioning of an enterprise:

1. Experience

Before hiring a Salesforce consultant, the user must seek out how they meet their needs, take care of development, and remain accessible until the closure of the project. To make it happen, a consultant must come up with a good experience. Therefore, the management of an enterprise must ask a consultant some of the following questions: 

  • Have they come with a demo?
  • In the past, have they worked on the same projects?
  • With how many departments (sales, marketing, and operations) do they have good interactions?
  • Can they show any documentation?

2. Technical Expertise

It is another essential quality that a Salesforce consultant must have, and they can show through their certification and expertise. For management, some questions must be prepared to be asked to the consultant:

  • Have they worked as Salesforce developers and administrators in the past?
  • Do they have expertise in the design department?
  • Do they know other Salesforce areas such as sales, service, and marketing cloud?

3. Communication Skills

It is one of the crucial soft skills that no board of management can deny. The given skill will define whether the hired consultant is an average or competent one. Besides business management and technical skills, a Salesforce consultant must possess:

  • Ability to convey their ideas.
  • Help clients to make wise decisions.
  • Have the ability to understand the input given by the client.
  • Ensure proper flow of information between different departments.

4. Understanding of Business

Even if a Salesforce consultant has perfect proficiency with a high level of experience, if they are unable to understand the need of the client, they will not help an enterprise to achieve a good result.

A capable Salesforce consultant must offer innovative solutions to offer best practices for the project of an enterprise. It must also include a high level of accountability and trust between a client and an organization.

How much does Salesforce cost?

There is a great difference in Salesforce pricing, and moreover, it depends on the needs of the customers. In fact, Salesforce cost depends on which plans (or we can say clouds) the users are selecting. Are you worried about whether Salesforce is expensive for your business? As a matter of fact, there is no need to worry as there are several options to select the best pricing strategy. These are: 

  • Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud Costs: It starts from $25/month and offers a basic CRM system. It includes the following services such as client management, deals, lead tracking, and many more.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Costs: It starts from $400/month and also offers a customer the creation of one-to-one marketing campaigns.
  • Salesforce Pardot Pricing: It is a marketing automation platform and starts from $1,250/month. In fact, it helps in streamlining most of the customers’ marketing services.
  • Salesforce Anywhere Pricing: It offers a collaboration platform with starting price of $100/month and also helps a user to ease the transition of business remotely.

Expected ROI from Salesforce

Many people believe that Salesforce is a ‘magic pot’ that unifies the business and moreover it offers seamless services to create a strong bond with the customers. In fact, Salesforce offers a better return on investment (ROI).

Some essential facts signify the importance of Salesforce implementation that also shows ROI of Salesforce average as: 

  • 28% increase in sales.
  • 45% faster forecast accuracy.
  • 38% high lead conversion rate.
  • 70% return after investment.

To enhance Salesforce ROI, the business enterprise can focus on:

  • Generating more sales leads.
  • Making sales pipeline more efficient.
  • Improve engagement with customers.
  • Better meeting of customers’ expectations.

Final Thoughts on Salesforce Consultancy Services

Salesforce has become the after-sought technology that every company wants in their kitty. Moreover, it will be going to dominate most of the cloud service solutions that will help customers in getting better fortune. So, hiring a reputed Salesforce consultant will help enterprises in getting tech-savvy solutions that will enhance their working efficiency manifold.

Do you want to implement a new Salesforce in your business ecosystem? Then contact Emorphis Technologies as we offer the best Salesforce app development that will help in brightening your business prospect to a great extent.