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Why Salesforce App Development Is Important For Your Business?

Learn more about custom Salesforce application development and the AppExchange,

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Nowadays, selling and marketing your products or services is not enough to increase an organization’s business productivity. Increasing business productivity is an art, and one can’t rely on only presumptions. To enhance efficiency & productivity, the most important is to develop new customers and retain existing customers with a faithful relationship. To approach the right customers, design productive business activity, automation and linking customers with multiple channels help success and enhance gainful productivity. As a matter of fact, organizations need to understand customer needs, likings, market trends, assortment, and use of information to plan, forecast, develop and execute strategies focusing on productivity improvement. Also, to meet these performance requirements, companies need a software application encompassing every business entity’s features. Salesforce App Development stands up as a recognized application for business productivity.  

Understanding Salesforce and the Terminology  

Salesforce is a cloud-based software application that engages the customer with a human-centric experience. As a matter of fact, Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM platforms in the world. It helps businesses to develop into streamlined, efficient, and also result-oriented organizations.  The Salesforce ecosystem is a business-making machine that provides its users with everything they need to succeed.

Its ecosystem has different terminology such as:

  1. Salesforce: It’s a secure CRM platform with your customer information. Under its umbrella has many products with salesforce customization options to mold the platform as per business needs. 
  2. AppExchange: This enhances salesforce functionality with integration and makes it unique for business productivity. 
  3. Salesforce connects: This works as a medium to seamlessly access data. 
  4. Dreamforce: This is one of the most significant CRM EVENTS in the world. Here it showcases the newest updates and products. 
  5. Sandbox: It’s a replica of salesforce implementation. It examines customization and updates and identifies bugs and issues as well. It is updated or refreshed every 29 days. 
  6. Salesforce Lightning: This is an improved salesforce platform. It runs with salesforce classic. It has useful features for salesforce users, such as: 
    • Mobile friendly 
    • Activity timeline 
    • Salesforce assistant & communication tab 
  7. Salesforce Pardot: Known as a salesforce marketing cloud, it provides multiple marketing services and analytics. 

Why invest in a custom Salesforce app development? 

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that hosts applications customers can access online. Its operational business model is subscription-based.

Below mentioned features extend the inclination of organizations to choose Salesforce SaaS. 

  1. Cloud-based: All the data is stored in the cloud and can be operated from any device from anywhere. Salesforce is the forerunner in providing secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure with a cloud solution for sales, marketing, and also analytics. 
  2. Ease of Use: You can log in from anywhere as you log in every day to other websites. Also, can view updated customer data at any time, and can team up with counterparts/employees.  
  3. Ease of customizations: With one click, one can change workflows. Organizations, as per business needs, can use Salesforce classic, the salesforce lightning app. Both can be customized as per need.  
  4. Reporting: This custom-built solution offers an unparalleled user experience with real-time reporting and analytics. This saves time and money and allows the organization to focus on other business functions.  
  5. Integration: All salesforce platforms have open API, which makes any Salesforce integration easy. This makes business process mapping convenient and boosts productivity. 
  6. Multiuser platform: Every salesforce user shares a similar infrastructure and instance of the application. This means while keeping data secured, it automatically and concomitantly allows updates for all users. 
  7. CRM on Mobile: During holidays or if on vacation, CRM helps serve important customers. Salesforce is the first to launch the Mobile CRM concept. 
  8. Customer satisfaction: Salesforce allows organizations to unify all functions, which leads to a better customer experience. 
Salesforce app development services company

Salesforce AppExchange  

Whether you are a big business or an SMB, Salesforce has covered you. However, for small & medium-size enterprises, the demands, functions, and business operations are different in comparison to a multinational company. This means the resources, time, and budget would also vary accordingly. These businesses look for a budget-friendly Salesforce option that amplifies their business operations and also productivity. It is where Salesforce AppExchange provides the platform which can customize and develop applications based on business requirements. One of the best benefits of the Salesforce AppExchange is that it reduces the cost of further investments.  

Salesforce AppExchange encompasses over 3,000 pre-integrated apps and components to outspread the influence of Salesforce and functionality and also works smoothly with Salesforce by providing automatic updates.  

Functioning of Salesforce AppExchange 

The AppExchange platform is a marketplace with applications that can be beneficial for any business needs. The installation process varies depending on whether you want managed or unmanaged packages, but both come complete with upgrades and licenses so your investment lasts longer than one installation.

The AppExchange marketplace also provides businesses with a demo of applications to know if it is best suited for their business and how it works.  

Some of the benefits of Salesforce AppExchange include: 

  1. Ready-to-configure and pre-installed apps make them easy to use.  
  2. After integrating the solution, immediate access to app features in just a few clicks. 
  3. Seamless integration of business activities into event operations. No need for multiple spreadsheets or scheduling systems. 
  4. It allows admins to work effortlessly by easily integrating systems, also providing reports customization, and update. 
  5. Seamless integration with multiple systems, saving effort and time. 
  6. Automates all business processes, especially the learning modules and training .
  7. It is secured, reliable, and at zero maintenance cost.
  8. It helps streamline business processes.

Some of the important Salesforce AppExchange Apps

  • DocuSign: Contact Management Tool 
  • Adobe Sign: Contact management Tool 
  • Cirrus Insight: Data Integration Tool 
  • Conga Composer: Document Generator Tool 
  • Dial Source: Customer Service Tool 
  • io for Quip: Marketing Tool 
  • Ebata: Email and Calendar Sync Tool 
  • FF-Secure Cloud Protection-IT Management Tool

Salesforce AppExchange App Development Strategy 

Salesforce AppExchange app development is a packaged solution. But you can only utilize this when you know the business requirements. The AppExchange app development strategy includes the following steps: 

  1. Know the solution you are looking for. Is it the lightning web component, functional amplification, consultation, or third-party service?  
  2. What are the must-have features within the solution and the add-on functionalities required for your business? 
  3. App exchange works with both one-time payments and subscriptions. Decide your budget accordingly. 
  4. Whether you need the assistance of a Salesforce expert consultant, is highly recommended when you are unclear. 

The Way Forward 

A reliable app means faster execution and resource utilization to the optimum level, ensuring a seamless user experience. It contributes to the maximum use and popularity of the app. Since its release, Salesforce has assisted many organizations in managing their business and customers better, improving productivity and ROI. If you want productivity improvement and CRM for your organization, Emorphis Technologies‘ custom salesforce app development team is here. Salesforce is dedicated to excellence with specific features and also marketing automation solutions. As a matter of fact, salesforce app development improves productivity and pays dividends within forecasted time. 

Salesforce app development is a popular choice for businesses looking to create custom applications. Emorphis Technologies’ offering of Salesforce custom app development comes with a number of advantages, including a wide range of features and also a flexible platform. In addition, it has a team of experienced salesforce app developers who can help you create a unique and effective app. If you’re considering app development, Salesforce is a great option.

Choosing the best CRM is not enough. Also, if you are looking for a solution for business productivity improvement, we advise hiring professional Salesforce consultants from a reputed Salesforce development company. Emorphis Technologies, where “innovation in motion” offers more comprehensive Salesforce consulting services and implementation services. It also offers salesforce customization services and salesforce integration services. Emorphis Technologies salesforce experts ensure that you get the best Salesforce CRM solution quickly and run your business smoothly for improved productivity and ROI.