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Healthcare Solution Trends In 2022 and Beyond Making Healthcare Delivered Cost-Effective

Learn about various trends in healthcare in 2022 and beyond.

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Technological adoption has noticed an exponential growth after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the overall utilization of technology in nearly every sector of the economy has grown multifold. The healthcare industry has faced several challenges during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the aftermath as well. However, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a lot of technology-driven healthcare solution trends in the healthcare industry. Early detection of health issues, data-driven decision-making, telehealth services, and focusing on preventive healthcare. These are some of the core areas where the incoming technological trends will work in this decade. 

Artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring solutions in the healthcare industry are gradually transforming the overall space of healthcare software development. It’s by offering healthcare services to a wider set of people more quickly and effectively.   

Overview Of Healthcare Solutions In The Market

As per an estimate found by The Verge, 12 to 15 medical devices are attached to a hospital bed in the United States. This clearly depicts the complexity of managing the IT and database part. In this decade, the management of the data will require less or even no human intervention. This will further help in making overall health services more accessible and scalable across the globe. 

To summarize all the aspects associated with healthcare solutions in 2022. The digital-first healthcare solutions are assisting in whole-patient care through the integrated collaborative ecosystem. Moreover, digital focus healthcare solutions are helping in patient care at the societal level 

Not to mention that accessibility to quality healthcare even in the current day and age of the internet-driven world is pretty low. To address these challenges, in the current day and age. Healthcare software solutions like virtual healthcare stations and local diagnostic hubs. They will be set up which then gives rise to massive accessibility in the areas where the internet is still a luxury. 

In addition to this, wearables and smart trackers will be some of the major drivers of healthcare tracking in the coming decade. As they can effectively function and generate assessment reports of the patients without the requirement of any individual.

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What Healthcare Solutions Have Seen A Rise In The Last Few Years?

Digital Assistance as a Healthcare Solution

The current advancements in the technology space are initiating several changes in nearly all industries, including healthcare as well. To begin with, the consumerization that is happening in the healthcare space is creating high expectations.

The advancements in the healthcare industry are inclined toward offering more convenient solutions. To the patients so that patients can have alternatives to seek the desired healthcare solution digitally. The digital application could become a one-stop solution for patients. This is to access their medical records, data, and all the required details that the patient needs to have at their disposal. 

Telehealth Services as a Healthcare Solution

Secondly, the popularity of telehealth software development and its services has been rising massively. For instance, after the development of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The utilization of telehealth services saw huge growth. It is because of the social restrictions that were imposed by the governments as stated by McKinsey & Company

As per the analysis conducted by McKinsey & Company. It can be said that the market value of telehealth services stands approximately at $750 Billion in the post-pandemic world. Making it one of the lucrative and highly trending healthcare solutions in 2022.

Automation as a Healthcare Solution

As quoted by McKinsey & Company before the Covid-19 Pandemic. The automation opportunity in the healthcare space is $150 Bn in making. For instance, the imaging staff who are working in the radiology departments. They spend 25% of their work time carrying out tasks that can be automated. 

Also, complex tasks such as CT and MR require professionals, these routine tasks can be automated. These technological interventions will also help in increasing the precision and accuracy of the tests.

Preventive Healthcare as a Solution

In today’s day and age, healthcare software solutions are not limited to devices. It is rather the new-age solutions have started to focus on integrating intelligent information technology systems. So that preventive care among individuals could be promoted.  

Consumers across the world are becoming more aware of their health and the growth of predictive analytics. It will give rise to a whole new space of preventive healthcare. The preventive healthcare-based solutions will work on providing a greater level of patient comfort. By providing an opportunity to react to the patient deterioration sooner to minimize avoidable hospital readmissions. As per the analysis conducted by Capgemini, preventive healthcare analytics is going to clock $ 120 Billion by the year 2027. 

Healthcare Solution Trend In 2022 And Beyond

Increased internet penetration played a crucial role in popularizing the trends

The unimaginative volume of data that is being generated in the world could be transformative for the healthcare industry. Similar to the previous decade, the mammoth volumes of data are going to play a huge role.

The rising popularity of the internet in the last decade has led to the creation of massive volumes of data across the globe. As per Statista, there has been a 32X increase in the volume of data that is created between 2010 and 2020. This increase in the consumption of data gave rise to a huge number of technological evolutions in the healthcare industry.

The growth of the internet has increased the willingness of patients to take care of their health at their convenience. Individuals across the globe appreciate the convenience that the internet has given them. Either in the form of online shopping or home delivery of literally everything from groceries to daily food.

To safeguard the information from cybersecurity breaches. HIPAA is enforced so that business associates, such as different kinds of vendors, insurers, and healthcare providers cannot breach the security of the data.

Healthcare solutions that will trend in the future as well

As discussed in the earlier sections of the article. Telehealth software development, digital assistance, and automation are currently trending solutions across the globe. These healthcare software solutions are going nowhere in this decade. There is massive scope for upgradation in all three trends. 

The upgrades and advancements in telemedicine app development solutions, digital assistance, and automation. They are definitely going to reduce the cost associated with these healthcare services. Also, increase the reach of healthcare solutions, and lastly make sure that the effectiveness of these solutions increases.

As a matter of fact, implanting biosensors is a kind of digital assistance. It brings out a lot of insights into the causes of the particular disease and other details regarding that disease. Moreover, digital assistance and automation will utilize predictive big data analytics and other technologies. This helps in understanding the medical conditions in the early stage and addressing the causes of the same.

Additionally, advancements in telehealth app development services. It helps healthcare facilities access a wider set of patients in the coming years. These advancements in telehealth centers can serve more than 1,500 patients.

The adoption of cloud technologies in all sectors of the economy has noticed exponential growth. This is after the rising concerns about data security and database management. However, the adoption in the healthcare industry has been pretty slow. This is because of the data security concerns associated with the highly crucial data records of the patients.

Trending Technologies for Healthcare

When we look at the changes that happened in the healthcare space in the past decades. It is surprising to notice that healthcare services have started to become more intelligent. The level of intervention that information technology has currently in the healthcare space is unmatchable. For instance, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of the core technologies. Which will assist in pushing the healthcare solutions that are currently in trend.

Big data analytics will play an instrumental role in bringing out data-driven insights. It is from the enormous volume of data that is there in the form of health records of patients. This data will also help in making healthcare devices more intelligent with the help of machine learning and the Internet of Things.  

For the automation of the different procedures and tests that are essential in the healthcare industry, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence will play a huge part, as they will assist in transforming the everyday mundane tasks of the healthcare industry and automating them. The coming decade holds loads of technological transformations including virtual health tracking applications that will carry out virtual diagnosis during every stage of the health issue and remote monitoring of the patients through implants and other techniques.

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Benefits to the Healthcare Industry

Telehealth services will become mainstream in the coming years. Not to mention that it will be interesting to see the role of healthcare organizations in bringing hybrid healthcare solutions like telehealth services into the limelight. The health organizations will be required to partner with service providers who are experts in the Information Technology domain so that they can deliver healthcare solutions effectively to multiple people from a single system. 

Moreover, healthcare organizations can effectively leverage the already stored data to get some crucial data-driven insights with the help of big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence analytics, and other technologies. The data is generated by the medical devices, caretaker assessments, and medical records. With the help of it, healthcare organizations take actionable steps in the right direction.  

To address the challenges surrounding data sharing and database management, healthcare organizations will focus on implementing cloud-based communication so that accessibility regarding the data can be effectively enhanced. The healthcare solution providers will benefit from cloud-based communication platforms and data integration solutions so that they can focus on improving the effectiveness and accuracy of healthcare solutions rather than thinking of managing the holistic data source. 

Some More Benefits

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the Internet of Things in the medical field or we can quote it as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will significantly assist in enhancing the operational effectiveness and productivity of the healthcare solutions. Healthcare organizations can perform real-time assessment and real-time care with remote communication. Furthermore, the data helps provide personalized, preventive, predictive, or participatory healthcare services.

The service providers of healthcare organizations need to work on HIPAA compliance so that organizations working in the healthcare industry can start hosting effective solutions without thinking too much about the privacy and security of the patient’s data. Meeting HIPAA compliances has become an integral part of hosting the healthcare solution.

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