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Top 10 Best Practices Of Salesforce Customization And Its Benefits

Discover the best practices for Salesforce customization.

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Salesforce Customization

What Is Salesforce Customization?

Salesforce is widely regarded as the best cloud-based CRM platform, with limitless potential. Majorly organizations look for Salesforce consultation services which include Salesforce customization. It refers to the inclusion of additional features or functionality that are not available or accessible in the standard application environment. In addition, as the default settings are not tailored to any specific business, an organization has to alter the platform’s features to properly address its specific needs. Luckily, Salesforce is built for customization. So, we can say that you can personalize the platform’s features according to your specific requirements. 

In fact, 86 percent of consumers admit that personalization influences their purchasing decisions, with 25% claiming that it has a significant impact. When you personalize the platform, you will need to code to make your ideas a reality. This calls for Salesforce consultation and necessitates the assistance of a salesforce customization expert. Companies understand that each client has different needs and wants. To fulfill these changing needs, companies have to focus on customization.

salesforce customization services

Best Practices of Salesforce Customization

1. Plan and prepare  

Before you invest time and money modifying anything in the system, you should identify all the requirements. It is necessary to plan and prepare in advance to understand which feature requires customization. In this phase, you must know what resources may be needed for successful implementation. Salesforce customization makes your project distinctive. In any case, the changes you make may have an impact on other Salesforce features. So, you must ensure your Salesforce customization has no negative consequences. 

2. Pay attention to the users

One of the main objectives of customizing salesforce is to make it more suitable and efficient for the end users. The end users are employees who regularly work with Salesforce. Hence, it is crucial to ask them about the challenges, additional features, or anything that may support the implementation process. To successfully customize this, you should make sure that all the needs are fully met. With the help of ongoing feedback and consultation, you can customize the salesforce in a very efficient way.  

3. Conduct thorough research and set specific goals

In this phase, it is important to know how Salesforce functions and how it is connected to other components you use. Also, you should focus on evaluating the resources and expertise needed for successful customization. To conduct successful customization, it becomes necessary to connect with a certified salesforce customization expert. The Salesforce consultation expert will help in prioritizing major features, test customization, and other things that may influence the final results.  

4. Connect with Salesforce experts  

Salesforce is an amalgamation of various features. By implementing it organizations can find solutions to specific issues. In such cases, using the support of Salesforce consultants is always a great strategy. These Salesforce customization experts know every bit about the customization process. They also provide overall assistance and fulfill all the necessary business requirements. Hence, it is advisable to connect with a professional salesforce customization company to reap maximum benefits.   

5. Use sandbox  

A sandbox is a test environment that allows users to run programs or open files without impacting the live application, system, or framework on which they are running. In addition, it allows you to test your project without influencing the live system or other users. Hence, it is a general practice to work on the sandbox before pushing the features to the production environment. There are three types of sandboxes developer sandbox, partial sandbox, and full sandbox.

6. Avoid excessive customization  

It is necessary to understand that excessive customization can affect the overall procedure. In addition, excessive customization can make it difficult to support, update, and improve your Salesforce solution. The unnecessary desire to include numerous features can affect the overall functionality of the software. As a result, it is crucial to prioritize the most important features that can provide maximum benefit in the long run.

7. Use naming conventions  

A naming convention is a structure for naming files that explains what they comprise and how they link to other files. In order to improve communication with other developers and administrators, you should use simple, precise, and organized naming conventions. Also, necessary training may be required to ensure that everyone in the organization follows the adopted naming conventions.

8. Add meaningful details

Many Salesforce features enable you to write an explanation of the meaning behind the customization. It is a necessary practice to make sure that you add details about each component so that other developers can understand everything. This will also eliminate the chances of duplication or any errors.

9. Consistent testing  

Before finally deploying the customization from the sandbox, test it thoroughly and frequently. The main purpose of testing is to make sure that the new functions work efficiently in every environment. This will save time and enhance the overall efficacy of Salesforce.  

10. Train end-users  

After completing the process, the company must make sure to provide the necessary training so that the employees can work effectively. Also, sandboxes can be used to train them without impacting the data in the production environment. The ongoing support will help you to reap all the benefits of new features.

As per the above customization best practices, now let’s check on Salesforce configuration and how it’s different from Salesforce customization.

What Is Salesforce Configuration?  

Salesforce configuration is the process of connecting existing or developing new Salesforce features so that your users can accomplish more within the environment. With the help of configuration, you can change the layout, customize the user interface, make additional reports, and many more. Also, you can consider Salesforce consultation and hire Salesforce consultants, administrators, or experts who assist you in configuring Salesforce in the shortest amount of time and money. 

How is Salesforce Configuration different from customization?

Salesforce Configuration Vs Salesforce Customization  

The Salesforce platform is huge and packed with a wide variety of features, guides, and documents. Additionally, there are numerous guidelines and instructions available to help with customization and configuration. The configuration is not very complex as all the necessary features and functions are available in the ecosystem. Both Salesforce configuration and customization play a very crucial role in the organization.

Let’s go over these two terms in depth.

Salesforce Configuration  

Salesforce configuration focuses on what you can do within the system without a lot of major modifications. In fact, Salesforce configuration seeks to maximize profits and production efficiency by utilizing built-in tools and other functionalities. Salesforce configuration can appear to be a difficult task at times, but selecting the right Salesforce consulting partner can solve all your worries. Below are some of the important things about Salesforce configuration:  

  • By simply changing settings in the Salesforce panel, you can incorporate new fields, workflows, and reports
  • Configuration can be easily performed by the salesforce administrators as the features already exist in the salesforce ecosystem
  • Used for changing email templates, customizing user interface, building new tabs, and many more

 Salesforce Customization

Salesforce customization focuses on adding features and functions that are not available in the existing system. These new features help the organization attain objectives most effectively. Below are some of the important things about Salesforce configuration: 

  • Helps to create profiles, workflows, tabs, and many more 
  • Customization can be done in-house or by consulting the salesforce customization expert 
  • Used for Creating additional features/functions to meet new business needs

Benefits of Salesforce Customization

Enhance productivity and revenue: Salesforce customization helps to reduce the burden on internal teams. So, the companies can focus on areas that are crucial for further growth and development. However, effective salesforce customization can only be done with a trustworthy salesforce company. Also, you can boost efficiency, raise revenue, and ensure your company’s long-term success by collaborating with certified Salesforce consulting partners. One of the major key points is that Salesforce is developed to enhance the performance of any company. It is also crucial to understand that salesforce customization allows you to add new features which help to resolve many challenges.

Boost the efficiency of business analytics: Business analytics can assist you in determining how to approach potential clients and retain existing ones. Unreliable reporting frequently causes businesses to lose the majority of their profits. Salesforce customizations can help sales representatives collect operational data that allows them to decode more viewpoints and gain valuable business insight.

Enhance decision-making process: Salesforce customization brings all the information to one place. This allows companies to make decisions more effectively. The right information also helps to improve the customer experience most effectively. 

Integrate with other systems: When you customize Salesforce to integrate with other systems, your team will have access to all of the data they need. Also, you can use other tools that can enhance the overall efficiency of the business. Furthermore, a Salesforce consultation or Salesforce customization partners can also help in Salesforce integration to integrate your system with third-party business applications including Google Apps, HubSpot, and others. Investing in Salesforce integration services can revolutionize your business forever.
Further, you can also check the Top 5 Most Popular Salesforce Integrations, the best applications to consider for Salesforce integrations for business efficiency.

Why do you need Salesforce Customization?  

Every business has a large amount of data that Salesforce’s default feature cannot fully cover. In this case, it becomes highly crucial to enhance the features of the salesforce so that you can attain the desired results. It is also necessary to understand that business has unique needs which require additional resources as well as features. Hence it is necessary to consider customization to attain those business goals. A Salesforce consultation company offering Salesforce customization services can assist you in evaluating and customizing your Salesforce solution. As a matter of fact, any business should go for salesforce customization when they face the following issues:

  • There is a huge amount of information that the default Salesforce functionality cannot handle.
  • Configured reports or dashboards do not display all relevant data about your company’s operations.  
  • Integration with external systems such as ERP and other systems is critical for your business.
salesforce customization services

What are the advantages of Salesforce Customization with Emorphis Technologies?  

Salesforce has every feature that a business requires. As the company’s customer base and services increase, basic salesforce solutions may no longer be the best fit. Emorphis Technologies is best because it has a versatile team of experts with extensive experience in Salesforce development and consulting services. We offer Salesforce consultation, a service that provides expert advice on how to get the most out of Salesforce. This includes our services for configuration, customization, and best practices.

Another important thing is that they possess experience in this field. Our professionals know how the salesforce system works its features, and potential ways to improve them. You can make the most of Salesforce CRM customization options by leveraging our customization expertise.   

We assist you in making the most of your Salesforce CRM solution and expanding your customer reach immensely. Also, we offer expertise in Salesforce customization and setup solutions to assist companies in overcoming challenges in sales, marketing, and support. We will help you figure out which Salesforce customizations will have the greatest impact on your organization.  


 After analyzing all the information, we can say that salesforce customization plays a very important role in the current scenario. Organizations can attain a competitive edge by focusing on salesforce customization. One key point to note is that a certified salesforce consulting services company is required to achieve all the desired goals. With us, you can easily understand how salesforce customization works. We have a huge number of salesforce professionals who can offer correct guidance within no time.  

Salesforce customization is a popular choice for businesses that are looking for further expansion. In addition, if you are looking for a solution to improve business productivity, we recommend hiring professional Salesforce customization experts from a reputable Salesforce development company.