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HIMSS 2023: A must-attend healthcare IT event

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HIMSS 2023 A must-attend healthcare IT event


Whether you are a first-timer a seasoned HIMSS exhibitor, or an attendee. In fact, it is practical to get overwhelmed by attending a week-long and influential health information technology event in 2023. This year’s event is scheduled from April 17-21, 2023, in Chicago, IL, at McCormick Place Convention Center. It is organized by an American not-for-profit organization, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. More than 40,000 professionals will be at the event, including CXOs, exhibitors, vendors, technology veterans, and other healthcare ecosystem representatives.

HIMSS 2023
Image Credits – HIMSS

As a matter of fact, further, you will get to know how to harness the best out of the HIMSS 2023 event and take advantage of your trip. And also, to make it a fruitful investment for your organization. Here are a few proven tips that have been accumulated from our experience and the learnings from past HIMSS events.

The HIMSS 2023 will offer a broad list of programs. In fact, it includes speaker sessions, concurrent education sessions, and panel discussions. Also, innovation takeaways, networking opportunities, and exhibition floors will help you gain the best out of the event. Further, even special forums are to immerse you completely in your quest to get the most out of this event. 

McCormick Place
McCormick Place Grand Concourse
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The Featured Speaker sessions and the CXO experience are designed and hosted to offer you interaction opportunities with the health tech industry stalwarts. You can also make the best use of this event by planning an exhibit well in advance, attending special forums, and utilizing networking opportunities to build valuable relationships in the industry.  

A few important Tips and Checklists   

Are you an Exhibitor? 

Hundreds of Global tech giants and IT start-ups are going to make it to HIMSS 2023. This, in fact, exhibits their innovative products and service offerings. Planning as an exhibitor should be completed at least a month in advance and should include the following: 

1. Explore exhibition opportunities and Register as an exhibitor:  

Discover exhibiting opportunities with available turnkey exhibition options. Select from the following options and also make the best use of your exhibition expenses: 

  • Patient Engagement 365 
  • Cybersecurity command center 
  • Innovation hub 
  • Start-Up Park 
  • Interoperability showcase 
  • Professional development campus 

2. Check the floor plan

The exhibitor floor plan should be handy while you exhibit your products and services.  

3. Plan your agenda for attending sessions

Attending sessions along with exhibiting can be an overwhelming affair, and also it’s best to plan your schedule. Pick and also choose the most exciting topic you would like to join from the below list. And furthermore, divide your booth sessions amongst your team members. In fact, select from a multitude of continuous learning opportunities and keynotes below: 

  • Can Technology and Innovation Advance Behavioral Healthcare 
  • The Impact of the Economy on Healthcare 
  • Healthcare Disruption: Accelerated Opportunities for Care Delivery Alternatives
  • Digital Transformation and Health Equity: A Global Discussion on the Journey ahead
  • Are more Turbulent times Ahead for Healthcare? An Economic Outlook
  • Resilience in the face of Uncertainty 

4. Review the Terms and Conditions in their entirety and follow COVID protocol guidelines

Before even you plan your trip to this magnificent, educative, and fun-filled event. You must cram through these terms and conditions and follow strict badge scan and also COVID protocol guidelines.

himss 2023 global conference

For Seasoned as well as nimble Marketers and Networkers 

Networking is necessary for your personal as well as professional growth. In fact. the HIMSS 2023 will provide you multitudes of marketing and networking opportunities. While some of the networking events might be included in the registration pass you opted for, other paid events will require an additional nominal expense worth considering. Further, here are a few takeaways you should consider if you want to make the best of what HIMSS 2023 offers. 

1. Follow security guidelines throughout the event

Security is prime for HIMSS 2023 and security professionals will be there at all entry and exit points of the venue. The exhibition floor and other recreational areas also will have security guidelines and it is a must that you should follow these guidelines.

2. Equip yourself with a mobile device rather than a laptop

We understand that most of you carry a laptop to make notes, save information, and make key networking initiatives. But, considering the length and requirement of the event & networking. We recommend that you carry your mobile along with a pair of extra batteries, and power banks for this event.

3. Make the best use of the Networking area

The McCormick Place Convention Centre has designated places for networking throughout the event. Some of the areas that you can use include: 

  • HIMSS Corporate Lounge 
  • HIMSS Diamond and Emerald Corporate Lounge 
  • Living Room 
  • Networking Hub 
  • Organizational Affiliate Lounge 
  • Executive Lounge 

4. Plan your day well in advance to attend any of these networking events: 

  • The Opening Reception 
  • Thursday Night Laugh N’ Roll with Nate Bargatze 
  • Award recipient’s VIP Reception on Monday, April 17 
  • Emerging healthcare leaders’ reception On Tuesday, April 18 
  • Exhibit Hall Social Hour on Wednesday to Network with your fellow exhibitors 
  • Women in Health IT Networking Reception 
  • A Celebration of Black Excellence Reception
  • International Reception 
  • Speciality Pavilion Receptions 

For IT and Technology Professionals 

The HIMSS 2023 event is earmarked for portraying, discussing, brainstorming, and also imparting education.

Check our event page for HIMSS

The event is about how we can amalgamate the healthcare industry with information technology. Also, leverage it to secure and streamline health information. As a matter of fact, global IT giants, diverse IT start-ups, and hordes of IT professionals are expected to attend this year’s HIMSS event. These audiences will present their products and also talk about their service offerings. Further, they will open themselves to impart conference education on prevailing topics, including: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Clinical Trails
  • Data and Information Security: Cybersecurity 
  • HIPAA Breach Mitigation for System Administrators 
  • Patient-generated health data and EHRs 
  • Social Determinants of Health/Health Equity 
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Unlike HIMSS 2022, a mixture of in-person and virtual meetings and sessions. This year’s HIMSS 2023 event will be a physical event with massive participation. In fact, being able to handle what it offers, this knowledge-flaring event can be utilized to the best of its offerings by all participants. A well-laid-out plan for attending this event. Also, followed by complying with the tips mentioned above. As a matter of fact. this can prove to be highly beneficial for you and your organization’s benefit.

Emorphis Technologies is attending HIMSS 2023

Emorphis Technologies is presenting at one of the largest healthcare IT conferences, HIMSS 2023. We will be showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare IT solutions and technology products, helping in transforming the face of healthcare delivery. With investors from international locations attending this conference, it is an incredible opportunity to learn about the newest investment trends in healthcare software development. Conference attendees will benefit from engaging with Emorphis Technologies to get a firsthand experience of what we have to offer in healthcare IT. All interested parties can be certain that we are sure to take away valuable knowledge and insights regarding how up-to-date & top-quality technological advancements can be utilized for greatly improving healthcare outcomes worldwide.

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