DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign for Salesforce – DocuSign Gen and eSignature To Automate Agreements And Close Deals Faster

Quick Overview DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ was a managed package that allowed users to integrate eSignature functionality directly within Salesforce ...
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Salesforce CPQ - Number 1 Tool in the Configure-Price-Quote Market - Emorphis Technologies

Salesforce CPQ – #1 Tool in the Configure-Price-Quote Market

Key Takeaways Salesforce CPQ, formerly known as Steelbrick CPQ, was acquired by Salesforce in 2015, enhancing its capabilities in providing ...
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Unveiling the Power of Population Health Management with Salesforce Health Cloud - Emorphis Technologies

Unveiling the Power of Population Health Management with Salesforce Health Cloud

Imagine healthcare transformed. No longer a reactive game of catch-up with illness, but a proactive dance with well-being. Indeed, this ...
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Patient Engagement Solutions Technology empowers patients - Emorphis

Patient Engagement Solutions – Empowering Patients through Technology Innovations

Overview Patient engagement solutions are tools, technologies, and strategies that aim to involve patients in their own care and improve ...
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How Neobanks Are Transforming Banking With Technology - Emorphis Technologies

The Rise of Neobanks – Revolutionizing Banking Through Technology

Introduction In recent years, the financial services landscape has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the emergence of neobanks. Moreover, challenges ...
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A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Wallet App Development - Emorphis Technologies

A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Wallet App Development

Highlights of the Guide to Digital Wallet App Development The fundamental concepts and strategies behind digital wallet app development.The process ...
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