Salesforce Education Cloud | From K-12 schools to community colleges, universities, and graduate schools

Highlights Salesforce Education Cloud unifies student data, personalizes journeys for prospects and students, and empowers staff with a 360-degree view ...
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A Guide for Customizing Salesforce for Your Business - Emorphis Technologies

A Guide for Customizing Salesforce for Your Business

Welcome to the exciting world of Salesforce customization. This is where customizing Salesforce transforms to mirror your unique business identity ...
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Unveiling the Power of Population Health Management with Salesforce Health Cloud - Emorphis Technologies

Unveiling the Power of Population Health Management with Salesforce Health Cloud

Imagine healthcare transformed. No longer a reactive game of catch-up with illness, but a proactive dance with well-being. Indeed, this ...
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Patient Engagement Solutions Technology empowers patients - Emorphis

Patient Engagement Solutions – Empowering Patients through Technology Innovations

Overview Patient engagement solutions are tools, technologies, and strategies that aim to involve patients in their own care and improve ...
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How Behavioral Finance is Driving Fintech Innovation

How Behavioral Finance is Driving Fintech Innovation in 2024

Decoding the Puzzle of Financial Decision-Making Have you ever wondered why, despite our best intentions, we sometimes make less-than-optimal financial ...
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How Fintech Saves You Money and Revolutionize Personal Finance Key Points Fintech Developers should know - Emorphis Technologies

How Fintech Saves You Money and Revolutionize Personal Finance? Key Points Fintech Developers should know.

The personal finance sector is undergoing a seismic shift. As a matter of fact, driven by innovative applications that are ...
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How Fintech Application Development is Changing the Financial Services

The financial services industry is riding on the wave of fintech app development going through a creative and evolutionary...

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Fintech Application Development- How to Ensure the Security

With the growth of the financial phenomena around the world, Fintech app development is increasingly growing, many start-ups are...

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How IoT Application Development is Changing Various Industries

When it comes to discussing revolutionary technology, Internet of Things (IoT) is amongst many popular contenders. And why not,...

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IoT Application Development: A Review in 2018

There has been a massive adoption of IoT application development in past few years and 2018 has been the...

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What is IIOT – All About Industrial Internet of Things.

Industrial IoT The Next Big Thing- Yet another category of the internet is doing rounds these days and is...

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Fintech Trends in 2018

Fintech trends in 2018 clearly indicate that technology is going to play a key role in all financial entities....

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Industrial Automation 2.0, How Machine learning and AI are changing the game?

Overview Industrial automation is not a new term, everybody is already aware of how various industries are being benefitted...

Benefits of Healthcare Software Development Services through Enterprise mobility

Mobile technology like wireless sensors and cell phones are increasingly being used to access & gather health information quickly...

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Enterprise Mobile Applications for Health

How Enterprise Mobile Apps Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack? Though deaths from cardiovascular diseases have been cut significantly,...

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5 Reasons Businesses Need Enterprise Mobile Apps & Business Mobility Solutions

I was recently reading a whitepaper on the value of mobile business apps to help organizations, both large and small, across...

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