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Transform Patient Experience with Salesforce Health Cloud

The term “patient experience” refers to the practical aspects of a patient’s care journey.

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Patient Experience


There are many challenges that patients face when it comes to healthcare during a pandemic. One of the biggest challenges is getting access to the necessary care and medications. Patients may also have trouble getting appointments with their doctors or may have to wait long periods for treatment. Additionally, patients may have to travel long distances to get to a hospital or clinic. These issues have made patients switch to better healthcare systems providing a considerable patient experience.

Salesforce Health Cloud, a cloud-based technology, is quickly becoming a top priority for the healthcare industry to address these issues. The Salesforce health cloud focuses on improving patients’ experience by offering a 360-degree view of the consumers. Hence, healthcare organizations have started analyzing the importance of the health cloud.

Patient Experience And Recent Development In The Healthcare Industry  

The term “patient experience” refers to the variety of interactions that patients have with the health service. Deloitte report has highlighted that patient experience is directly associated with higher hospital profitability.  In addition, patient experience covers several parts of healthcare services such as prompt consultations, simple access to information, and open communication with healthcare professionals. Also, maintaining or increasing market share in the evolving healthcare industry is determined by how well you improve the patient’s experience.

Healthcare has experienced recent changes in the last few years because of current developments. For the last few years, patients have faced major problems due to a lack of easy access to healthcare. To solve these issues healthcare providers are putting more emphasis on using technologies like telemedicine app development solutions, remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence, and many more. According to research, 80% of consumers are interested in connecting with healthcare organizations that are more technologically advanced.

Another key point is that the advancement and increased accessibility of medical technology allows patients to treat diseases in the beginning, which gives them a better chance of recovery. With the advent of telehealth app development, healthcare organizations have become more active in delivering remote care. They have also understood how to protect patients’ information most effectively. Another report by Deloitte stated that 86% of Generation Z and 83% of the younger generation stated that they would proceed to use virtual health visits even after the global epidemic ended. Now, we can say that technologies like AI, IoT, telemedicine, big data, and many more will play a very big role in transforming healthcare procedures and improving patient experience in the long run.

Why Is Understanding Patient Experience Necessary For Healthcare Organizations?  

A patient’s experience is an important step toward providing patient-centered care. Also, the patient experience could be influenced by the quality and safety of care. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is necessary to provide the right care for the patient. If you fail to offer quality care then the patient will easily switch to another healthcare organization. To retain patients, healthcare organizations must be capable of building not only trust but also loyalty. The only way to do so is to provide exceptional patient experiences. It is necessary to understand that patient experience can be influenced by various things like personalized care, patient safety, nurses, and quality of care. According to research, positive patient experience is directly associated with the hospital’s reputation. Hence, healthcare organizations must focus on these factors as they can affect their reputation in the long term.

If any healthcare organization tries to enhance the patient’s experience, then it can achieve higher employee satisfaction and high turnover. Furthermore, patient experiences necessitate the improvement of work processes and systems that allow health professionals to deliver more efficient treatment. As per the report, patients who reported more positive experiences with care had better health results a year later. All this evidence specifies the importance of patient experience.

Key Areas Salesforce Health Cloud Help In Patient Experience

The Salesforce health cloud is a highly effective platform that helps healthcare organizations enhance customer experience, organizational productivity, and many more. As per the evidence, 83% of healthcare organizations are already using cloud services. Salesforce health cloud is among the top most platforms that are considered to provide a better experience to patients and providers. The health cloud is benefiting a huge number of organizations. It is necessary to understand that patient experience is a complex process. Also, hospitals are constantly attempting to standardize activities such as doctors’ appointments, follow-ups, reminders, monitoring of patients’ medical progress, and personalization of medical procedures. We have to realize that customer experience is not just a department, but a strategy that can transform an entire enterprise.

Now we have highlighted some key points that show how the health cloud improves the patient experience.

1. Easy access to data

Salesforce Health Cloud uses APIs and data integration tools to connect doctors, hospitals, and clinics to electronic medical records and other existing data sources. This enables healthcare providers to access real-time information about patients through a single platform. Additionally, easy access to information allows healthcare professionals to understand a patient’s history most effectively. All these benefits directly improve the quality of care, which in turn enhances the patient’s experience.

2. Personalized care through digital technologies

The health cloud offers overall information about patients so that healthcare professionals can offer more personalized services. With the help of the health cloud, healthcare professionals can prioritize tasks, respond to urgent needs, analyze patient profiles, and take more timely and personalized actions.

3. Appointment Scheduling and Booking Access

It has been noticed by a large number of organizations that appointment scheduling and booking are some of the major challenges faced by patients. With the help of the Salesforce health cloud, patients can book an appointment according to their availability. Nowadays, organizations that are using the health cloud can work in an organized manner. These healthcare organizations are also giving patients access to other services like appointments, checkups, and rescheduling options. To get these services, it is important to hire a trustworthy Salesforce health cloud partner. If you want to become a healthcare organization that gives topmost priority to customer satisfaction then connect with us straight away. 

salesforce health cloud

4. Payment Process

Tracking every small or large healthcare expenditure becomes tedious when numerous visits, treatments, scans, and so on are involved. To solve this problem healthcare organizations are using the Salesforce health cloud. The health cloud also helps healthcare organizations to easily record or track financial transactions. In addition, it allows patients to select their ideal payment mode while also ensuring the security of their payment profiles. These solutions make it easier to pay for services like doctor’s visits, treatments, and other related services.

How Emorphis Technologies can help with Salesforce Health Cloud?

The healthcare landscape is constantly shifting toward more personalized care, fast services, and data-driven business practices. To survive in this highly competitive environment, you should implement a health cloud in your organization. Emorphis Technologies works with healthcare providers such as health centers and pharmaceutical companies, to improve their performance and consumer experience.  

With us, you can drive digital transformation and offer secure and customizable services within no time. Our health cloud professionals can create a unified platform so that you can strengthen relationships, collaborate smartly, and rapidly transform the treatment experience.

At Emorphis Technologies, we understand that every organization has different needs when it comes to Salesforce. That’s why we offer complete support at every stage, from initial consultation to ongoing development with our salesforce consulting services and salesforce customization services. As a Salesforce health cloud partner, our certified team of experienced Salesforce developers will work with you to determine your specific needs and create a customized solution that meets those needs. We also offer active and proactive assistance, so you can be confident that your Salesforce implementation is always on track. And because we’re a Salesforce health cloud partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your organization gets the most out of Salesforce.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve success with Salesforce.

We understand Health Cloud and are prepared to combine your requirements with this platform’s power.  

Why Choose Salesforce Health Cloud above Competition Health Clouds?

The topmost priority of any healthcare organization is to offer high-quality services to enhance the patient’s experience. But it is also necessary to understand why the salesforce is better than other health clouds. As highly efficient in offering salesforce integration services we provide extensive guidance on the effectiveness of the salesforce. We can also help you understand how you can attain a competitive advantage with this technology. There is a wide range of salesforce health cloud alternatives including Mychart, WebPt, eClinicalWorks, and many more.

Users believe that doing business with Health Cloud is easier as compared to eClinicalWorks. In addition, the health cloud gives better ongoing support, and updates and fulfills all the necessary business requirements most effectively. In addition, the users also specified that they prefer the Health Cloud mainly because of its feature updates, product support, and many more. Now, we can say that the Salesforce health cloud is widely preferred by several healthcare organizations. Apart from this comparison, to highlight here are some of the major benefits of the Health Cloud.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers  

  •  Overall view of patient’s data  
  •  Real-time patient coordination and engagement 
  •  Customize care plans  

 Benefits for Medical Companies  

  • Improves efficiency of the sales department  
  • Enhance patient experience 
  • Increase positive experience  

Benefits for Payers  

  •  360-degree view of every member  
  •  Personalized support 
  •  Helps in better members engagement

Still, have questions? Get all your queries solved by exploring this Salesforce Health Cloud FAQs blog. 


All the facts and figures have specified that the Salesforce Health Cloud is most useful for the healthcare organization when it comes to patient experience. As a matter of fact, patients can gain more control over their healthcare journeys and practitioners can now provide more customized and efficient care. As a Salesforce consulting company, we have years of experience assisting healthcare organizations in understanding, implementing, and integrating Health Cloud and related technologies.   

Our Salesforce consulting team has firsthand expertise in the healthcare industry in a diverse array including consulting, medical, and technical roles. With us, you can achieve the desired results within no time. If you are having difficulty understanding the above benefits of the Salesforce Health Cloud, connect to us today for professional assistance.

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